Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 21

From Christopher’s P.O.V

                I soon became tired of wandering around the town for hours, waiting for the sun to go down. I was beginning to wonder if the days only ended in the forest.

                I sat down on a table outside a small coffee shop under an umbrella table. The sun was slowly making its way down to the earth.

                A few cars drove past every once and a while and the occasional person hurried past in the rush of their day trying to get things done.

                The sun was fading now and I got up off my seat and over to a lady who was clearing tables, “Excuse me miss,” I cleared my throat and she glanced up. When she saw me she smiled shyly and stopped what she was doing.

                “Can I help you sir?”

                I struggled to speak because she smelled so nice. It felt as though my control would soon fade and I would take her down any moment. I pushed my lust for blood into the back of my mind and spoke, “Can you tell me where the High School is?”

                She smiled, “If you walk to the end of this street right here, then turn left at the light, you should see the High School only a few blocks down.”

                I thanked her and she nodded, continuing wiping the tables with a wet rag.

                When I reached the light I took a turn onto the left street and saw the school a couple blocks down just as the lady had said.

                If Maggie wasn't at the school, I don’t know where she would go.

                If anyone saw her she would be asked too many questions she couldn’t handle. They would accuse her of killing her friends or she would spill everything on what we were.

                The school was most likely the easiest place to break into and it would still be warm at night. She would have nowhere else to go besides the streets and someone could see her there.
                I casually strolled around the school trying to see anywhere she might have gotten in. I got to the back of the school and I saw a window that was still open a crack.

                Maggie wasn't very good at hiding that she was here.

                Or maybe she was and something happened.

                When I reached the window I heard faint screaming inside the building.

                Something had happened.

                I slammed the window down and climbed in the fastest I could manage.

                Maggie had broken through into a biology classroom that was filled with desks, chairs, and beakers.

                I could hear screaming of pain from the hallway and I rushed through the door. I ran back and forth through the hallway trying to find what direction it was coming from.

                The girl’s bathroom was echoing at the end of the hall. I slid the door open a crack and saw Maggie.

                She was lying on the floor in a curled up position and she was screaming. She was breathing heavily and tears were flooding her cheeks. Her eyes looked like the eyes of a shark. Gross noises were coming out of her mouth between screams, a thick liquid was oozing down the sides of her eyes, and throw up covered the floor. She was shaking madly.

                She was changing.

                I busted the door open farther and went to her side. When she saw me she screeched even louder and tried to scoot her shaking body over the bathroom floor to get away. I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her close to me. I reached up and grabbed a paper towel and wiped her chin then lifted her into my arms then over my shoulder before swishing the door back open and rushing through the hallway back to the biology classroom.

                I slowly pushed Maggie through the window and she fell to the ground not far above the grass. She was still screeching and shaking with spasms and my ears were ringing. I threw myself through the window and slammed it down shut behind me. I picked her up again and threw her over my shoulder.

                Running wasn’t difficult, but listening to her scream in agonizing pain right into my ears was terrible. It was hard to handle. I could remember what it felt like to change and just looking at her reminded me of how horrible it was. If we didn't hurry, someone was going to think something was up.

                The dirt road was just ahead when I saw headlights fling out from the forest. I ran faster trying to reach the trees before they saw Maggie was hurt and thought I was trying to kidnap her or something.

                The car honked wildly and stopped right as I flung myself and Maggie into the trees. I bolted into the forest with Maggie in my arms before the person in the car could climb out. I could sense them peering into the trees and wondering where we had gone. But I just kept running until I reached the spot where the dirt came up a little and a tunnel formed.

                I laid Maggie down.

                There was nothing I could do for her until it was done. But I couldn’t stay here with her for long. She would become crazed soon and she would probably tear me to shreds.

                I sat and watched her for a while as she suffered. She was still screaming and crying and making scary noises that made me sick. Her spasms were freakish and she kept jamming her fists into the dirt and pulling up roots with her fingers. Her skin looked stretched and pale. When she opened her mouth I could see her already formed teeth that were all pointed and sharp. Not a one was left normal; they were all ready to bite into flesh.

                I couldn’t help but cry at the sight of her. The tears came rolling down my face and they wouldn’t stop. I knew how she felt and I knew what it was like. I felt terrible for her.

                I wanted to leave but I couldn’t bring myself to leave her alone. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t bring myself to break my gaze for a just a little while. Instead I just watched her. I watched her suffer.


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