Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 18
Hopping Fences

From Maggie’s P.O.V.

                What did I just do? How could I have just run away like that?

                Christopher had been nice to me. He had accepted me and understood what I was. How could I have just run away from him and left him in the forest like I did?

                I couldn’t hurt that family though. I ran because of fear and feelings. I didn’t know those people but I couldn’t kill them. I just couldn’t. That family is human like me, like I was.

                Now that I had run away what would I do now? Wait around for someone I knew to see me? Ask me questions about the others and where they were? If anyone saw me from school or in my neighborhood they would ask questions. How long had I been in the forest? It was only a night. But how long had I been out after I hit that rock? What time was it? Chaz and the rest of us would have been back from the one night camp trip by now, and people would be wondering where we were. If anyone saw me, I would have nothing to say.

                So where would I go? I had nowhere to go. I just couldn’t go back.

                I’d go home. I would sneak around the neighborhood until I got to my house where my foster parents live. I would-

                My foster parents lived there. I couldn’t go back. They were probably worried sick about me. When they found me home and the other parents still worrying, they would make phone calls and things would get worse from there.

                They’d be at work right now though. They didn’t get home until later during the night. I could go back and get some money and food. Then take a bike or something and ride out.

                It sounds crazy, but what other choice do I have? I couldn’t go back to the forest could I?

                No, I couldn’t.

                But could I continue hiding in world from everyone I knew or loved?

                No, I couldn’t.


                The neighborhood looked the same as usual. Nothing unnatural was happening and everything was going good. I walked into the neighborhood and took the first turn down a street. I went to the first fence and climbed over.

                It would be safer jumping quickly through people’s backyards where they couldn’t get a good enough glimpse to realize it was me, than walking down the sidewalk in clear view of everything.

                I ran across the grass and ran around the swing set that the people owned and leaped the next fence.

                I kept going for a few houses before stopping behind the corner of a house to calculate the direction I was going and figure out how many houses were left until I reached my own.

                I only had about five more houses before my own. Then I’d do what I needed to do quickly and get out.

                While I stopped I heard voices in the next yard over. A family was outside sitting.

                I looked down at my clothes. I had no hood to cover my face and everything was so worn out and tearing I couldn’t really do much with it. There was only one real sensible thing to do if I didn’t want them to see who I was. And it wasn’t all that sensible. But I had no choice.

                I pulled my shirt off so I was in nothing but a bra. I took some of the holes and made them bigger so that I could put them where my eyes would be. I tied the tired pink shirt around my head.

                I hope these parents wouldn’t be too mad if their kids saw some half naked girl leaping into their yard.

                I grabbed the fence and hopped over.

                The parents were sitting on lawn chairs on the patio and two little girls were playing in a kitty pool a few feet away.

                The parents yelled and the girls screamed but I ran fast and nothing they said stopped me. I ran across the yard as fast as I could, hoping they couldn’t tell who I was and escaped over the next fence.

                I couldn’t help but laugh when I was in the next yard. When I thought about it, what I had just done was pretty funny.

                Then reality set back in as I leaped the fifth fence. I looked around at the familiar backyard where a trampoline no one used sat in the middle of overgrown grass and a few plastic chairs sat on the deck right off of the screen door.

                I tore the shirt off my face and slowly made my way up the three stairs to the deck and slid across the wall to the glass sliding door. I pulled up against it and looked inside. There was no one.

                I pulled the door and it didn’t open.

                The window to the kitchen was unlocked as usual so I yanked that open and climbed into the room where I fell into the sink. I felt pain for a little while before it went away then I slipped off down the hallway to my small room.

                I yanked off all the clothes I had left on and threw them on the ground. I opened my dresser.

             I pulled out clean clothes and a hooded jacket. I slid them on and then went to the bathroom. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and then grabbed my savings from under the mattress of my bed.

                I headed back to the kitchen and grabbed some sunglasses off the top of the fridge then slipped into the garage where I found my old bike I never used.

                I checked the tires then struggled to pull it out through the kitchen and out the backdoor so I wouldn’t have to open the garage and have the neighbors get suspicious.

                I carefully got the bike out the front gate where I pulled my hood on and put sunglasses over my face for a disguise. I rode my bike down the street quickly.


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