Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 15
Family of Four

From Maggie’s P.O.V.


            “So when I do endure all that, I will be what you were in the forest?"

                He smiled at me, “Yes, you will. And you may be ugly then, but look how beautiful you are now.” He twisted a piece of my long dark hair with his finger. “You won’t stay like it forever. You can change on command once you are used to it. I can change whenever I want and you will be able to too.”

                “Why do we change? What are we?”

                “Not all your questions can be answered."

                "So we are what we are for the heck of it? We change, just because we can?"

                “Well it certainly is more useful. Our teeth get sharper so it gets easier to tear at flesh. We also get more agile so we can run faster. And one of my favorite things, we are extremely flexible. We can slither across the forest floor no problem and crack our bones into so many different ways that humans could ever dream of. We get more strength and we heal faster. Seeing in the dark, is also a plus.”

                “If we can heal so fast, why do we need this water?”

                “Any wound can be healed. Every wound can be healed. There just isn’t enough time to heal the bigger ones. Our hearts can’t handle it if the wounds get too big. Just like humans only we can handle more.”

                “So why do you get all slimy?”

                He laughed, “There are two different sides of us. This one that we are now is more human like. When we live forever we stay beautiful. But the other side of us doesn't. The ugly has to go somewhere I guess.”

                “What will happen until I do change?”

                "Not much,” He chuckled, “I can show you around the forest. There is a lot more than just magical water around this place,” He smiled, “You can also get a little practice. A family of four came out last weekend to find a campground. They should be here any day for a camp out.”

                “There is a family of four?” My eyes widened.

                “Yes. Two kids around the ages of seven to ten. Not exactly what you call hearty but better that then nothing.”

                I swallowed, “You want me to eat two little kids?”


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