Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 14
Never Take Back

From Christopher’s P.O.V.


                She had agreed. This was perfect. I wouldn’t have to do this alone anymore. She would be here with me.

“I like your spark, Maggie."

She gave a weak smile and she hung her head again. I took her hand lead her to the edge of the pool. I sat down on the end of the stone and rolled up my pant legs, letting my legs drift into the water. I patted the stone next to me and Maggie sank down reluctantly and placed her legs in as well.

                “Maggie, have you ever heard of Everlasting Life?”

                She nodded, “When someone can live forever. But it doesn't exist. Everyone dies at some point."

                “Yes, living with the humans has made you think this way. That mystical creatures don't exist and that magic isn't real and that you can't live forever. But I'm sure that after last night events you will believe me when I say, all those things are real.”

She nodded. I continued, "This water is the Everlasting Water. It is here always. It never leaves this cave. It will never dry out and never go away. It heals itself, and anything that goes into it. When I threw you into the water when we first came to the cave, it healed you. That is why you are perfect and new," I paused, "and beautiful."

She looked up at me with a slight smile, but still sorrow filled her eyes.

                “This water is why you don't look old and ugly. Its why you are so handsome. It keeps you alive, and clean, and healthy."

       "Yes, And you too. You will use the water now as well. And as long as you keep using it, you won't die."

         "So you just live here, use the water to live longer, and then go eat innocent people. That is your sole existence.:

      "Our sole existence. And there is more too it than that. But we have to be careful with this water Maggie. Keeping it hidden and to ourselves is a dangerous thing to be doing."

"What do you mean?"

                “The idea of living forever Maggie, strikes the minds of people and creatures all over the Universe. This water has been searched for and hunted for ages. I was lucky when I found the water. It was pure luck that I stumbled upon it."

                "People would kill for this water. People would do anything to get at what we have. The idea of Everlasting Life is so wonderful and so delicious in the mouth of any living being. Having this water is dangerous to us because having it means that people would do anything to us, just to get to it."

       "What kinds of people?"

"I wouldn't say that all of them are human like. Mystical creatures aren't just Unicorns and Fairies. But all of them want Everlasting Life. But none should live forever."

 "Then why do you?"

                I held out my hand in front of her and traced the lines with my other hand's finger, "Something like this doesn't happen every day. A human body that can do things that mine can is a strange occurrence. Huge populations of other creatures roam this earth, humans, animals, and the like. But none are quite as unique as us Maggie. Our births are mishaps. Mistakes big enough in human reproduction to create such a person quite like us in incredibly strange. I thought never to see another like me in all my living days. Why let something so precious go to waste?"

                Maggie grasped my hand and squeezed, “How could you be this,” she paused, “and that at the same time.”

                I took a breath, “Maggie, it is who I am. It is a simple change that I can preform in my mind and make it happen to my body. It is a beauty of who we are. What would make us so special if all we could do was eat people?"

"I don't understand."

"It comes with the mishap. You were born with a lust of blood. You were born a creature as I. But there is more to it than just the longing for blood. You are a mystical creature, and with that you get magic. Some magic is different than others. Our magic is less traditional. We have more of a superhuman magic. That whats makes me able to change into what I was last night. You will be able to do it too, with the small price."

                “What price?”

                “How old are you?”

                “I turn eighteen in July”

                “Then it is close I suspect. What month is it?”

                “End of June."

                “Maggie, the day I turned 18 I experienced something that will never leave my mind." I paused for thought, trying to bring together what words would come out the easiest, “The thing that killed your friends is another side of me that is sometimes hard to control. I got that side of me on the day of my eighteenth birthday. I was sitting in a tree, deep in thought when it came over me. It was a power I can't explain. It was agonizing pain that filled my whole heart, mind, and soul with cruelty and the very sounds of death. I thought I was dying. I thought I would never see another day of light. It lasted 24 hours. My body was changing into what you saw in the forest. It was changing form and mind. I couldn’t handle it. I was crazed. The pain was everywhere. It filled me up. My body was trying to save me from the change. I started doing crazy things with my strength. I cut down trees and pulled up huge roots with me bare hands. But still the pain didn't leave. When it ended, I found that I could change myself into a whole separate being that was stronger and more powerful than my human form."

"Will I feel like that?"

"I suspect you will. Not much I can do for you about that. But I know you will want to be here. I'm curious if the water would give you any help. But then it could change the transformation." I lost myself in thought.

"What will I do when it happens?"

"Not sure."


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