Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 12
Painful Disability

               Sunshine drew the curtains and lay back on her bed. This was how she decided life would pass for her. Just lying on the bed everyday and getting fatter by the minute. Sunshine was not fat at all, she was skinny and pale. No doubt she did not have the exercise she ought to have but she did not eat much either. She never had the craving to eat anything nor had she ever even bothered about such a thing. It was routine and to her the most boring thing to do. People loved to eat and found it a pleasure. But she found it most trivial and that it was not very important. Being born to a well off family, she had not suffered hardship and had every meal right on time. She did not have to call out in hunger at any time of the day for she never was hungry in the first place. Sunshine seemed contented with living such a tiresome life although she spent most of her time grieving over past loses. These were things she could not change but neither could she accept the fact that it had been brought upon her and she could in no possible way reverse those events. They were stupid things to think about all day long but apparently there was nothing else she wanted to do. There could be many activities planned out for her considering the wealth of her family. She could have things other little kids could not have but she craved none of those. All she wanted was to be like normal children. To run along the streets and to make as many friends as she wanted to. Her mother had long given her the consent of playing on the streets and going out to make friends but she no longer wanted that anymore, she wanted what was pass and could never return. She wished she had played out there when she was young and it seemed most meaningless to go out now, into that scary world, everything was unknown to her now. She would not run the risk of going out there where she might get hurt and she was not prepared for the things that she had yet to learn. Going out there was an option she could anytime consider, but she confirmed that nothing could make up for the hurt she suffered as a child. It was not much to adults, just a little loneliness. But to a child at that tender age, it meant the world. The child’s world revolved around playing and laughing. Being happy and cheerful all day, not caring about a single thing. Unlike other children, Sunshine had been discriminated for her abnormality. But the people that ostracized her were neither her friends nor her teachers but the things that could harm her. Things like fire and heat would do her most harm had she not been kept away from them. Her parents loved her but they had to protect their dear little girl, and they resorted to locking her in all day. No school and no play. She could only spend time indoors under the supervision of countless maids. She had her friends over at times but as the years passed, most of them felt that Sunshine did not grow up like them and decided that she was not worth hanging out with. That was when everything started happening and her contact with the world was broken.

            Like the heavy rain, Sunshine cloaked herself in the rich covers of her quilt. It had been weeks since it rained and summer had finally relented. The skies were pouring out all their woes onto the streets and Sunshine’s spirit was lifted. The summer had brought with it children. But now, the streets were rid of them and a sad gloom hovered over the city. The streets were empty as was Sunshine’s heart. She had stayed in all summer doing just about nothing, but she was tired and her anger was weary. It was great relief to have it wash away with rain. She bent over the window sill and scanned the lonely street. Pacified, she retracted into her protective warmth again. Her parents loved her and everyone that knew her would say she was most fortunate to have been born into a well off home. However, there were far too few people that actually knew she existed. In the outside world, she was nobody. No child could remember her even if he had seen her all his life. For she was so closed that no one could open her. In the first place, no one bothered too.


Sunshine felt numb after lying in bed for so many days. She braced herself at the table’s edge and pushed her weightless body up. Her feet were unused and weak but they tried their best to support her thin frame.


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