Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 11

               The sun was drawn back by cotton candy clouds and the weather was a perfect cool. Children, as expected, filled the streets with life and laughter. They ran around as if there was no tomorrow. Screams filled the air and agitated Sunshine all the more. She fell back onto the bed and lay still. Thoughts filled her mind. She wanted to get rid of those little things down the street by despicable means. But she was not in control. There was nothing she could change except for herself. Sunshine tried very hard to ignore them but that was one thing she could not get out of her mind. She strained to stop hearing anything, just for once, but it was not going to work ever. The memories were so vivid so colourful. But to Sunshine, they were painful and horrid. She covered her ears and closed her eyes, shaking violently. But she would not cry. Being strong willed, she refused to relief herself by just letting the tears flow. Her hand swung hard at the table beside her bed and hit the photo frame down. She picked it up slowly and glared at the picture within. It was a picture of her dear mother hugging her. She was smiling widely in the picture. Her teeth showed and her flawless face shone with joy and freshness. Sunshine was enraged and provoked. She flung the frame onto the parquet floor, shattering the glass. Blaming herself for smiling for her mother even once. She wanted never to see anyone smile again. Her world was cloaked in darkness and pure dread. Her wild emotions roared within her but they barely showed as ignorance. Nothing could be done for she acted as if no one should exist in her world. She could not feel literally but her other senses were sharper than hurtful words and she could feel everything inside.

            “Miss,” Amida entered the room. “Would you like to go out for a walk?”

            Sunshine seemed surprise that Amida would actually ask. She never really did before. This was something new. Something different. Perhaps something to start noticing that the people around her actually did care for her. She looked up gloomily at Amida and asked, “Why did you request this all of a sudden?”

            “It’s really good to take walks when you feel bored,” she explained knowingly. “And cooping up in here all day isn’t any good.”

            Sunshine’s curiosity subsided. It had to be her mother’s words. She knew so. Her mother had always such a way of nagging that it was about time she realized who was really giving orders behind her back. Turning away, she seemed uninterested in Amida’s advice no longer.

            “Are you sure, miss?” Amida asked politely, hoping for a positive answer. But Sunshine was only to disappoint her with a definite no.

            “I want to be alone,” Sunshine said grimly. Amida took the signal that she was to leave and left obediently although upset that she could not carry out her boss’s orders.


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