Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 10

             Night fell with Sunshine still in her covers. May was escorted to the door by her aunt. “I’ll be back tomorrow,” May had said before leaving. Sunshine was infuriated and sorrowful. Once May was clear of the house, she sprang up and complained, “I don’t want May here tomorrow! Or ever again!”

            Lavender sighed heavily and explained consolingly, “I’m sorry, Sunshine but May is your friend now.”

            “She isn’t a friend of mine, now and never,” Sunshine retorted solemnly.

            “I don’t know how to explain to you or tell you. You know nothing about this world out there, Sunshine. And you have to learn soon. May will help you learn. First to get out of the house and face your fears and second to know how to be independent in a world like this,” Lavender said.

            “I know everything about this world and how cruel it is,” Sunshine sneered.

            “You’re filled with hatred and isolation, Sunshine. This world isn’t as bad as you think it to be. It may be deceitful but it’s just as beautiful,” Lavender forced a smile to her face. “Look out there at those green meadows. See how this world does look on the other side. It may be deceiving but it can be beautiful…”

            “I don’t care if I am,” Sunshine sneered. “I’m going home.”

            Sunshine’s aunt could only give in and send her home. On the way, Sunshine peered through the windows once more, taking her last look at the admirable scenery. She stared out into the green fields and the meadows of cattle and fresh flower. Soon, she would face four walls again. The chauffeur looked over and asked, “Why didn’t you stay longer, miss?”

            Sunshine turned and sighed, “I want to go home. I can’t bear to see those kids running around.”

            “There aren’t many children on the farms. And the streets back at the city are crowded with children,” the chauffeur explained.

            Sunshine sighed heavily and lay back. It was indeed more logical to stay on at the countryside but Sunshine preferred her familiar surroundings. Soon, she would face each day with the same boredom and sorrow. Nothing was going to change.


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