Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 9

                      The sunlight was breaking into a new dawn, awakening the girl with a loud and bright greeting. Sunshine blinked her eyes open to the new world again. Everything remained untouched except for the blinds. They had been drawn so that rays flooded her room. She immediately detested them and snatched the ends of the curtains. Tugging at them, she blocked out the beauty of the morn. Her aunt entered the room with a soft smile across her pale face, “Good morning my dear little girl.”

            Sunshine ignored her aunt completely and continued her relentless stare at the windows. “Come in,” her aunt called out at the door.

            A sweet looking lady in her twenties entered the room smiling happily at the pair. She seated herself on a chair beside Sunshine’s bed. “Look who I brought,” Lavender said in a pleasing tone. “If you don’t wish to speak to me, you can always talk to Miss May.”

            Sunshine did not know what was going on behind her and she refused to turn her back. She did not know who in the world this new lady that came to see her was. Assuming that she was just a stupid friend of Lavender’s, she continued ignoring the world. Lavender sighed heavily before leaving the room.

            May spoke softly, “Hello Sunshine. I’m May. Your new friend.”

Sunshine barely heard a word. She was ignorant and did not bother if this May was her friend. “She can be my enemy for all I care!” Sunshine thought to herself. She had no friends to speak of. She was a sure loner after all these years being kept to herself.

            “Wouldn’t you love someone to be you friend?” May asked calmly. “I’d be so hurt if you didn’t want to me my friend.”

            “Who is she addressing? A little child?” Sunshine thought smugly.

            “Let me tell you my story and more about me,” May finally said.

            Sunshine was not in the mood to hear any story about someone she did not know and immediately responded, “I’m not hearing any story! Get out!”

            “Sunshine. It’s alright,” May said remaining composed.

            “It’s not alright! Those children!!! And you’re like one of them! All smiles!” Sunshine shrieked. “Get lost!”

            This was one of her occasional outburst where she would send screams across the room and forbid anyone to talk to her. But May was a persistent and stubborn little thing that refused to move. Sunshine was enraged that May did not give in to her ways and immediately took her leave. Unexpectedly, she leapt out of bed and dashed down the stairs, into the meadows once more. She threatened to run away if May gave chase.

            Sunshine had gone far before she finally relented and collapsed onto the dew fresh grass. Everything seemed so refreshing yet so fake. So unfamiliar. Sunshine closed her eyes for awhile expecting her aunt and May to catch up with her in a matter of seconds. She opened them again and looked back. No one was there. The green fields boasting its flawless green was bear. They never came after Sunshine. “So I could threaten them,” Sunshine said to herself. Then, she lay back and stared into the cloudy sky. There did not seem to be the sound of birds and streams. There was not a sound of life. Just the greener grass and the dotted flowers. The pasture was a true beauty but no cattle were there to feed.

            The laze in the field did not do much good. Sunshine tried hard to mend her broken heart but it did not work out either. She gave in to grief and despair, slowly slipping into sleep again.

            Sunshine was struggling when she woke, kicking hard from a nightmare that ripped her nerves to shreds. She slammed her hand downs and flung around a few times before finally hearing her name, “Sunshine! Sunshine! Wake up!”

            Sunshine stopped kicking and peered up. It was May who had been by her side. She was no longer in the open meadows and on the wet green grass but back in the bed. Sunshine immediately switched off upon seeing May at her side. She snapped her eyes close and ducked under her quilt.

            “Sunshine,” May whispered. “Please stop this. Your aunt is worried for you and your mother’s heart is broken to see you like this.”

            Sunshine wonder if this woman even knew that it was her mother’s fault she had became a vegetable in the mind. She finally gave in and sat up scolding, “You have no idea what’s going on! So don’t be such a busybody!”

            May withdrew, taken aback but replied, “I’m not a busybody. Just wanted to know and help. Is that wrong?”

            “Apparently it is. I don’t need anyone digging up my secrets and painful memories,” Sunshine whined. “And besides, it was my mother’s fault in the first place!”

            “Your mother’s fault? How so?” May asked calmly.

            “My mother was the one that locked me in. My mother was the one that gave birth to me with a disability. I never asked for any of this,” Sunshine thundered.

            “Your mother couldn’t help the disability. And she locked you in for your own good. She did not want you to get hurt,” May said knowledgeable.

            “How’d you know so much? Aren’t you my aunt’s friend?” Sunshine blared.

            May giggled and smiled ever so warmly, “I’m less than a friend but better than one.”

            “So you’re a stranger! I don’t know you and don’t intend to be your friend so get lost!” Sunshine shouted with a strained voice.

            “Don’t chase me away. Your aunt spent her precious time finding me and you wouldn’t let her efforts go to waste, now would you?” May asked. “She loves you, Sunshine.”

            “Loves me?” Sunshine snarled. “If she and my mother loved me, they would not hurt me time and again.”

            “They don’t mean to, Sunshine,” May persisted.

            Sunshine stopped talking and hid under her blanket again with tears streaming down her pale cheeks. She was horridly questioned on a bitter topic that she did not want to know of anymore. It was the cruelest argument anyone had put up with her. No one argued with Sunshine for they had to give in to her whims and fancies. They could not talk back and never dared to for fear of hurting the girl even more. Her cousin was the only one that ever dared but this May here was making it all sound worse. Sunshine wanted so much to be left alone. But May refused to leave.


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