Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 8

               Now the house wasn’t so bright and pretty anymore. The delight seemed to have been overwhelmed by Sunshine’s sadness. Lavender wanted to ask Sunshine again about the earlier incident, but she held her tongue. Sunshine returned to her room immediately and lay on her bed. She tried looking at the vast green meadows but it did no help. There was nothing now that cheered her up. Everything was just like before. She knew it would come to this.

            Lavender entered the room carrying a tray in her hands, balancing the teapot carefully as she sat beside Sunshine. “Are you like that at home?” she asked in a peaceful tone.

            Sunshine made no response and drew up her cover. “So you’re going to be like this through the rest of the trip here?” Lavender continued.

            Sunshine wished with all her heart that her aunt’s words would not be true but she knew that the chances were high. “It is up to you to say something. No one’s stopping you, Sunshine and you’ve got to learned to know how to speak when you know you do want to,” aunt Lavender said firmly. Sunshine retracted under the quilt and kept silent. Her mind was in a whirl. Her world had so suddenly changed into a beautiful scenery but now it was her memories that haunted her. She wanted to forget them but it was more than a memory, it was a cruel reality. She never blamed it on anyone and she never even blamed it on the fact that she was disabled. She never had such thoughts. All she could comprehend was why she could not be like other children and that was all it took.

            “I don’t understand,” her aunt said with a grim tone. “But I want to and only you can tell me.” Sunshine just kept silent and ignored her aunt. Lavender finally stood up and left, leaving the silver tray behind.

            Sunshine no longer knew what to think. What was she going to do? At a loss, she withdrew the curtains and looked out. The once so real meadows now seemed painted. It all seemed like a beautiful picture. A picture which never will be real. Everything was just so strange all of a sudden. Nothing seemed familiar anymore. She had been so accustomed to her home that this place was no longer pleasant. It had been a nice place the other day, but now, it was so fake. She wanted to go home. She wanted to leave the house immediately. She could not longer absorb the beauty of the land for it was all unfamiliar. The pleasure was gone.

            Sunshine did not realize what was happening. She had done it every other day and today was no different. All the joy and freshness she had were taken away from her by those nasty children that played and laughed. Children, harmless innocent creatures that could rob her of all joy. She sat up beside her bed and looked around the room once more. This time, she looked at every detail there was. She felt that it held no importance whatsoever. Nothing here could make her feel better. She dashed for the door and ran down the flight of stairs. Upon reaching, her aunt saw her and gasped, “Where are you going, Sunshine?!”

            Sunshine made no reply and left the house in a hurry. She scampered across the green fields and towards the hills. Clambering carelessly in the lush grass, she stumbled and rolled over a few times. Finally, she made it to the top and lay down exhausted. She could not go far on her feet for the years in bed had taken away her stamina. Her aunt was frantically chasing her and reached the hill soon enough. She stepped beside Sunshine and kneeled down. In a soft and kind voice she spoke, “Sunshine. You must tell aunt what’s the matter?”

            Sunshine did not want to talk. She knew very well that she never talked when she was upset and her aunt should have known beforehand.

            “I know you refuse to talk to anyone when you’re sad. But you can tell me as I’m not just anyone, Sunshine,” her aunt continued still in a kind tone. “Maybe I can help you.”

            Sunshine ignored her aunt. If her mother did not even have the honour of Sunshine’s conversation, her aunt was a nobody. Everything and everyone was nothing in her eyes when she saw kids. Those little pattering feet on the roads were a dread to watch. And the fact that all the other children got more than she did was horrid to know. Her aunt roughly knew what Sunshine was deprived of and decided to show Sunshine that she was not the only one that was deprived of such things. She took the girl’s hand and persuaded her to return to the house. Sunshine resisted and pulled away but her aunt persevered. Soon, Sunshine let herself be led back to the house where she stayed in her room for the rest of the day. Her meals were brought to the room but she barely took a bite. Nothing was on her mind except those little children running about on the beach and on the streets.


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