- The Hungry Games -
Author: ❦вlε

Chapter 4
Mr. Demetri (Sound it out)


Its so wonderful being a vampire. Being sparkly and all. I'm in every way as perfect as perfect can get. Rosalie keeps going on about getting me renamed. That would be the day! The name Bella is soooo overated. She wants to call me Mary.

Mary Sue Cullen.

It has such a wonderful ring to it! I'm like super excited. Edward is coming home from his job! He decided to take a job at McDonalds 'cause Carlisle kicked us out of the house. Actully, more like the whole entire state of Washington, because we kept breaking peoples houses. It's not my fault Edward is such and attractive vampire! I just looovvvveeee him so much! And he's all mine!

My vampire! Hear that fan-girls. Get your grubby human hands off him!

So, as I was saying I'm just sitting here on Carlisles couch. Okay, why he's off hunting with Esme me and Edward come back and intrude. Renesmee is chewing on the couch. She's about the size of a 6 year old now. She's so amazingly cute! 

The door clinks open and Jacob walks in. He's decked out in a suit. He does know that if he gets mad enough to phase he'll ruin the entire thing. Jacob smiles.

"Where's the baby!", he croons. Renesmee growls at him and bites his hand. Jacob thinks this is so cute, but I think Renesmee is actully trying to eat him. She lost her 'charm' a few years ago when she tried human blood. Charlie came over once and she couldn't stop herself. She was so cute, other than she drank my father.

Who cares anymore. Carlisle is my new father, other than Nessie also tried to eat him. After that she dissapeared for a couple of days. I don't know what she did, but I saw in the headlines of the Washington Post that a whole town in south Cananda was wiped out by a monster that sucked the blood out of all it's victums. Doesn't that sound suspicous. I bet it was Jacob!

So I'm doing my makeup. I don't need it, but just a bit of bright pink here and some neon blue there and I'll look so beautiful. Edward will love me  


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