My Angel
Author: awesomeness

Chapter 2

 I wasn't outside when I woke up, but on Addy's couch. Someone brought me inside when I was asleep and put a quilt over me, a really kind gesture. Addy was sitting in a chair across from me reading when I sat up and stretched, blinking away sleep.

The darkness outside caught my eye but as I opened my mouth, Adeline beat me to it. "You're sleeping over here, it's alright with your parents. Oh, and here are some fresh clothes. Just a warning, people are gonna be here." She fired out answers as if she that read my mind.

"More special Moon Angel stuff?" I asked, she nodded in reply. " 'Kay then." I caught the outfit she tossed at me. It was gold dusted jeans and a purple tanktop with gold designs. I went to the bathroom and changed. Addy nodded with approval but her eyes widened and I knew the visitors were here. The door opened and I whirled around causing my long blonde hair to fan around me. Matt entered and a very hot unfamiliar guy slipped in behind him. This had to be Simon, he had all the perfect Moon Angel qualities and then some. God, he was adorable! He had a slight tan and his honey colored locks hung over his crisp blue eyes. The odd thing was, that underneath the beautiful blue there was a rosy, almost blood, red. Remembering the Shadow Walker Eredessa's vibrant red eyes, I was a little scared but mostly wary of the newcomer. Adeline must have been the times more freaked because she was clinging to Matt like white on rice.

"Be was turned by a Shadow but we found him and set him straight." Jenn explained to Addy and me.

Relaxing, I introduced myself, "I'm Lauren, nice to meet you." His eyes met mine as I shook his hand but blushing, I looked away.


My schooltime conersation with Adeline popped into my head. Sam Hatcher was one of the Shadows she had mentioned. Since he had been turned by a Shadow I decided to test if he knew her.

"Did you know Sam?" I blurt semi-randomly.

His eyes met mine with a mix of surprise and comfusion. "Samantha Hatcher? Yeah I guess I did... She was a really good fighter." He shuddered and rubbed a scar on his right arm. Yet another A+ for Simon! He's gotten further with my little tests than any other guy I've conidered dating. I'd seen other girls date and it usually ends in tears. I didn't want my experience to be anything like that so I made up tests for potential boyfriends. They had to get an A+ in all the tests for me to consider going put with them. Simon passed those tests with flying colors. Availability? Check. Looks? Check. Etiquette? Check. Personality? Check. Loyalty? Double check. He was the most perfect being EVER and I'm not one to gawk!



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