Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 7

                    The trip to the seaside was as splendid as the day before, but Sunshine leading her mundane life, soon fell asleep at the back seat. Her dreams were splattered with colour of the new world she had just seen. But deep within she felt the gripping pain of the bright weather and the faces of those happy children burned within her heart. She just could not let go of them. They were there and would always be there. One day, she would have to return and everything would be the same again.

            “I have to let go,” she told her self repeatedly. But she just could not. That thought stayed with her. It had been there ever since she was a child and it was ingrained into her memory-something too painful to ever forget. Her disability reminded her time and again that she would never feel anything and her nightmares returned. She felt restrained by not being able to know what real pain was like, what real joy was truly like. And how everything really was, nothing was real to her; nothing that she could not feel existed. She wished so much that she could just forget everything and enjoy the countryside, but she could not for she knew that children resided here too. And she could not escape that cruel fact, for she had lost so much experience and so much time.

            Slowly, the sea seeped into the view and far away, the horizon appeared like a puddle of navy blue. Sunshine woke and saw the sea slowly entering her vision. It was just like what the pictures show. Then she strained more closely seeing little dots in the distance. As the car got nearer, she realized that those dots were more than just seashells, they were children! Dismay settled in and she did not want to go to the beach anymore.

            “Turn back!” she cried.

            Her aunt looked around quickly and asked, “What’s the matter Sunshine?”

            “Turn back! We have to get out of here! I don’t want to see the sea anymore!” Sunshine wailed hysterically at her aunt.

            Lavender was shocked at Sunshine’s reaction and immediately turned around. Soon, Sunshine was in tears as the sea faded away.

            After a mile, Lavender asked again, “What happened, Sunshine?”

            Sunshine hesitated before replying in between sobs, “There were children.”

            “What about them?” her aunt continued.

            “Children!” she screamed. That was enough to silent her aunt for the rest of the trip back to the house.

            Sunshine’s tears dried up as they got further and further from the shore. The car’s swaying engine rocked Sunshine to sleep. The real world faded once again and she was back in dreamland. Those horrors of children playing upon the streets replayed in her mind. Jealousy and sorrow overwhelmed her. Even in her sleep, tears silently trickled down her pale cheeks.


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