- The Hungry Games -
Author: ❦вlε

Chapter 2
The Nappling


"Wake up now"

Ok. I'm Katniss Mellark. I know, my names sounds funny. Not as catchy as Katniss Everdeen, nor as amazingly hot. Atleast I'm still pretty and have my super fancy black hair. So, I'm sitting in my living room. Peetas right next to me, looking as super good-looking as always. It makes me love him so much more.

Buttercup is sitting on the couch going through our fridge. He's grown, almost the size of a dog now. I guess thats because of the super-charged bacon Nuclear Sae (She's changed her name) makes. She gives it to us free every week, because we had to find some way to get rid of the nuclear waste that was left here after the Capitol dropped a nuke right on our town. Nice, right.

Peeta leans over and kisses me. It's sweet, but we do it so much it isn't much of a suprise. Its not like he's sparkly or anything. But he's blonde, and I guess that counts for something. I stand up and Buttercup growls at me. His blood red eyes twitch, his fangs are dripping with what I guess to be bacon grease. Though, I always expected bacon grease to be brown, not red.

"Hello Buttercup", I tell him.

"Meowwwrrrrr", he replies. He stalks out the door and into the hot outside. I can hear screams as he walks past. I'm too infatuated with Peetas smile to care.

Peeta smiles at me.

"Who wants some Bannana Bread for brekfast"

I grin. "As long as its pink"

I've become addicted to the color pink. I don't know why, maybe 'cause its sparkly. Just like Edward.

I stand up and look out the door. Buttercup is chasing after some person. He's so cute when he plays, he looks just like Prim. Except he's bigger, fluffier, and has red eyes.  I hear a groan. It looks like Buttercup found some bacon. He walks back inside grease dripping off his fang.

Peeta walks over. "I love you Katniss".

He hands me some bananna bread. Its pink and in the shape of a heart. Oh Peeta is sooo hot! I LOVE him!

In the nursery some little bird is popping out to say cuckooo.

I reach forward to grab the bannana bread, but instead Buttercup gets there first. He inhales the bread, and the plate, and Peetas hand. Peeta pulls his hand out just in time as Buttercup inhales the plate whole. He grins, long fangs glinting.

"Bad Buttercup", I scold.

Buttercup growls and stalks out the door. I hear the sound of more people screaming. Buttercup yowls and runs into the forest. The wimp, he'll probably come back in an hour, or show up at Nuclear Saes.

I look over at Peetas hand. He's wrapped it up in a dish towel. I grimace as I see that the light pink towel has turned a ugly shade of red with his blood.

"Guess I better fetch my mummy", I laugh. Peeta nods and dramaticly falls onto the couch, snatching the remote in his free hand.

"Saints are playing the Bears", he grins. We're all big bear fans. We love them. We don't even know where in the panem Chicago is, but heck, who really cares.

I walk outside. I see a distasteful figure stalking towards me.

"Gale", I grimaced.

The man is different then the one I knew a few years ago. His hair is cut short, into a buzz cut. So much less attractive then his shaggy du he had a few years ago. He wears eyeliner. Which is totally freaky.

"Mellark", he greets me, spitting the word with hatred. I turn my nose up to him as I walk past. That is what us cool people do to lame 'Stitch', citizens like him. The seam has changed its ways and turned into a nice area. The getto we now call 'The Stitch', and that is where he lives. Gale.

I hear Buttercup hiss at Gale. He's my personal protecter, as evil and creepy as he may be. He has this disdain towards Gale; I think it's because he blames Gale for Prims death. I do too.

I walk to mothers house. She's sitting inside, sitting over her cauldron, stirring the bubbly green mixture inside. She turns her face to me, the black pointed hat on her head off-setting her beauty.

"Hello", she cackles.

"Hi", I reply. "Buttercup bit Peeta again. Can I have some of that stuff for it?"

Mother nods and grabs something off her counter. She hands it to me and I take it quickly. It smells something putrid in here and I can't stand it much longer. I suspect my face is growing a sickly shade of green and I would despise retching on my mothers new black carpet. I hurry outside and take glups of the fresh air.

I start towards home. As I walk inside Peeta is screaming at the TV.

"Those cheaters! That was a touchdone! A dang touchdown!"

I walk over to him, cooing like a dove. "I've got your medicine dear"

Peeta smiles at me and kisses me. It's so hard to stop, but his bloody hand is getting my perfect hair dirty. I hand him the medicine so he can start applying it. I am disgusted by blood and the less I have to do with it the better. I kiss him again and walk to the kitchen to get something to eat. I observe our house.

Its two stories, me and Peetas bedroom is on the second floor. There's only two rooms up there, our bedroom and the bathroom. Down here is larger, and all pink. I love pink.

Suddenly I hear a crash from the living room. I jump, running. "Peeta!" I feel a sharp sting in my arm.

Thats when I black out.


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