- The Hungry Games -
Author: ❦вlε

Chapter 0
Dear President Snow (Prologe)

Dear President Snow,

Your dead. Not alive, dead.  A ghost, a zombie of a man. Yet I am writing this letter to you because of the voices that reside in my head are telling me to.  I had this wonderful idea. A few years ago, my half-brothers-cousins-sisters-uncle created this thing. I don't know what it is; he calls it the Zombie-Thingy-Creator-Mabobber-703. The, I shall call it the ZTCM7, creates, I don't know what you may call it, but what I know as Zombies. He's already tried it out on a few people, and during the process was attacked by these sparky people that called themselves 'The Volturi', ominous and all, right.

So they killed him. Yep. Killed him dead with their destructive sparkly skills. So, that leaves the ZT... mabobber unclaimed. So, I thought you may want to use it. We could air it on television.

'The Hunger Palace! Everyone you've hated and loved stuck in a giant mazelike builing!'

It would be a phenomenon. People would flock from miles around to buy a television. Sales would boom, and we'd be rich. Swimming if money.

Of course, I know this machine works, since I brought you back to life with it.


- Harry Potter


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