Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 6

                  The night sky was perhaps as beautiful as the fields of the morn. Sunshine sat at the dining table with her aunt and uncle, Jack.

            “So Sunshine, how do you like the countryside?” Uncle Jack inquired.

            “I’ve only been here for a day. But it’s all really lovely!” Sunshine responded with enthusiasm in her soft voice.

            “Tomorrow would be even better,” Lavender smiled. “I’ll be taking you to the seaside. Have you ever been there?”

            Sunshine tried to recall but could not remember anything, “I don’t remember ever seeing the sea. I’ve only seen it in pictures. I never see anything.”

            “But tomorrow you will! And I’ll show you everything,” aunt Lavender was sure of herself. She felt that she could change this girl for the better.

            The night sky was indeed much lovelier. The green grass was now a shadow of black and upon the deep blue velvet sheet was an array of sparkling stars. They were nothing like what Sunshine had seen in the city. She could only look through her window to find skyscrapers and roads filled with traffic and lights. But this was different! It was so much more natural and she enjoyed staring into the sky so much that she hated to return to the house. Aunt Lavender could see the extremely positive change in Sunshine and informed her delighted mother about it.

            The rays broke through the curtains and woke the girl. She sat herself up and almost forgot where she was. She was about to put on a sullen expression when she glanced around and saw the brightly decorated room. Instead of another grim look, a smile broke across her face. “I’m here!” she told herself. “Here in this most beautiful land!” She rummaged through her luggage and found many dull dresses. Picking a plain white one, she slipped it on and rushed to the dining room.

            “Good morning Sunshine,” aunt Lavender grinned warmly.

            “Good morning aunt,” Sunshine replied with a laugh.

            Lavender took one look at the boring dress and immediately discriminated it, “You shan’t wear that sad looking thing today. I’ve got something for you.” Lavender reached under the table cloth and revealed a yellow sunflower frock. “Here you go. This will look much better on my sweet niece.”

            Sunshine giggled and thanked her aunt before going up to change.

            “Sunshine seems really normal and happy,” Lavender said. “From the way her mother spoke to me, I thought she was all closed up!”

            “I thought so too. As if we were welcoming a zombie into our home!” Jack replied. “But I’m very glad that is not the case.”

            “Sunshine is such a delightful child,” Lavender was extremely joyful to have her here.


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