Skin deep
Author: Auty

Chapter 2
Teddy Bear

It's bigger than I expect and I stare around at the pale cream walls that have a few marks on them, probably from younger foster children who have stayed. There is a comfy looking bed in the centre with white sheets and a little teddy bear propped up against the pillows. I walk over to the bed and pick up the teddy, holding him against my chest. I know I'm too old for stuffed toys but I've always wanted something to cuddle up to at night and comfort me when I wake up. I gently put the teddy down and look around the room again. There are a few shelves on the wall which have a few books on but there is plenty of room for other things to go on there. On the bedside table there is a lamp and there is a window to the left of the room with lilac curtains and ribbon ties. It's the most lovely room I have ever seen.
I stand up and go out, closing the door quietly behind me. I look around the landing to see that another door is open. Curiosity gets the better of me and I put my head round the door. This room is about the same size as my room but it is decorated specifically and obvious it belongs to a teenage girl. Posters of boy bands and Twilight cover the walls and a large dressing table sits in the corner with lights all around it.
I threw my hands across my face, waiting for the blow to follow. Nothing happened. I cautiously looked up from my hands to find my new foster carer staring at me with a look of horror and sadness.
"I came to tell you lunch is ready", she says quietly.
I swallow and quickly go downstairs and into the living room where food is laid out on the table.
"Help yourself to whatever you want", Laura says from behind me and I jump before scurrying to the table and shakily picking up a plate.
I don't want to seem greedy by taking too much (even though I'm starving) but I don't want to seem ungrateful by not taking enough. I stand agonized over the table not knowing what to do.
Laura picks up a plate and helps herself to two ham sandwiches, a handful of crisps, an apple and a few chocolates. I copy her, hoping that's the right thing to do.
I sit down and wait until Laura has started eating before I tuck into the food. It tastes amazing and I savour every mouthful. When we are both done, I take my plate into the kitchen and go to wash it up.
"Amy, that's very helpful of you but you really don't need to do that", I hear Laura say and I jump again, splashing water all down me.
"Sorry", I stammer and turn the taps off, standing like a fool and looking down at the floor.
"Amy", she says again, this time a bit quieter, "Could we have a little chat?"
My heart misses a beat but I nod. I follow her into the living room and sit down on the sofa waiting to hear what she has to say.


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