Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 5

                            “Sunshine!” her aunt, Lavender, greeted as she rushed out from her house to welcome the girl.

            Sunshine stepped out of the car and minded her manners, “Hello, aunt Lavender.”

            “Oh, Sunshine! It’s been such a very long time since I last saw you! How are you? Was the trip tiring?” Lavender asked caringly.

            “Not at all aunt. I slept on the way here,” Sunshine replied quickly. Exchanging grins, they walked up to the veranda.

            “Your mother was saying you barely smiled,” Lavender noted. “But looks like you’re cheerful today!”

            Sunshine hesitated and realized that her attitude had indeed change. She supposed it was the change of scenery that made her happier.

            Aunt Lavender’s garden was beautiful. A miniature replicate of what she had seen earlier in the day. The carpet grass was a bright green and the house was a pastel blue. Inside, the walls were light yellow and the curtains were embroidered with flower patterns. This place was very different from her home. Everything was brighter and livelier. And most of all, everything seemed happier. Lavender led Sunshine to the third floor of the house where her room was. It had been decorated specially for the girl. The walls were a charming pink and the bed spreads a lovely shade of purple. The room was the colour of girls.   “Is it to your satisfaction?” Lavender inquired as they entered the room.

            Sunshine who was not very feminine did not appreciate such colours but she knew that her aunt had the best in mind for her. So she replied forcing herself to smile, “It’s great aunt! Thank you.”

            “You really are a different person from the way your mother described you. The exact opposite, I must say,” Lavender replied. She was satisfied that the girl had found the room to her liking and left her to do the unpacking. Sunshine sat on her new bed and laughed. It had been so very long since she last laughed and she could not remember if she ever did. “Is it that wonderful?” she thought to herself. “Why am I suddenly so elated?” Then, she drew the curtains and looked out. There was nothing to remind her of her painful memories. There were no children outside. Just a blend of green.


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