Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 4

                The weather was no more than a ray of golden sunshine. The ray broke through the cloud-covered sky. The children of the street were out as usual, under the cotton candy sky. Sunshine was lazing around, waiting for her mother to call again. She tossed on the bed and looked through the window. Her heavy luggage was rolled over the floor by her servants and soon, all of it was outside the house.

            “Sunshine!” her mother screamed up the stairs. “It’s high time you got yourself down here!” Sunshine lay on the bed, reluctant to go down. She had spent the whole of yesterday in her room and did not want to leave it just yet. “Sunshine!” her mother yelled frustrated.

            Finally, she gave in and went to the main gate. “What took you so long!” her father asked angrily.

            Sunshine replied in a flat voice, “I don’t want to stay with my aunt. Can’t I stay at home? There are maids in the house.”

            Her father lugged the luggage onto the car saying, “No. Your mother told your aunt about you and she wants to help you get back your life. She wants you to be normal again. So off you go to Phrasing Lane.”

            Sunshine was not very happy about the arrangements and sulked, “I like the way I am and no aunt is going to change that!”

            Her mother looked up and frowned sadly. She did not want Sunshine to live in isolation anymore and she wanted her to open up. The car door swung close as her parents waved goodbye.

            As the car weaved its way through the crowds of children on the road, Sunshine fixed her eyes on them. The fire was burning intensely in her. She was filled with jealousy. It had lasted so long and was still there. Her parents could let her out to the streets at her age, but she was upset with the loss she had suffered as a child.

            Soon, the car entered the highway and all of those detesting children faded into a blur. Sunshine lowered her eyes and watched the city go by. It was a four hour drive to her aunt’s house.

            “We’re here,” the chauffeur chimed. Sunshine woke to see that they had reached Cramelure town. She peered through the car’s windows and saw the multitude of vast green land before her very eyes. Something she had only seen in photos. The books that she had read, described the land so lovely but she could not imagine how it looked like. And here she was, in front of her a wide array of agriculture. The lime hills were dotted with cattle and cottages were scarce. It seemed to be the countryside. Sunshine had lived all her life in the heart of a bustling city and she had never ever thought such a place existed since no one ever told her.

            “Isn’t it beautiful, Miss Sunshine?” the chauffeur asked smiling.

            Sunshine gazed at the meadows and replied, “Nothing like I’ve ever seen before.”

            “You’ll love it here! The meadows are a pleasant green and during spring, flowers of every kind will be growing,” the chauffeur laughed happily. “This trip will do you every good.”

            Sunshine was not so sure about that. She leaned back and felt that all she had seen today was so unreal. She had never known and she could never feel.


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