Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 3

               Sunshine isolated herself in the room for the next day. She did not take one step out of the room except to relieve herself. Her servant would bring her all she wanted but she did not want anything. She did not voice out her anger and kept it inside but her eyes were a giveaway. They were constantly sneering at anyone or anything. Her servants told her mother about the girl’s attitude and she decided to speak to Sunshine.

            She walked into the room the moment she arrived home from work and greeted Sunshine with a great smile.

            “Sunshine dear, why are you so angry?” she asked calmly.

            Sunshine pulled away. “Come on. Tell me,” her mother continued.

Sunshine made no response and kept her eyes pinned on the windows. Those happy children along the streets slowly scattered and were soon gone. At this, Sunshine snarled and retreated under her covers.

            “Sunshine! Please stop this nonsense,” her mother became impatient. “Do you know you’re affecting the maid’s mood?”

            Sunshine wanted to retort but she promised herself not to speak to anyone. Keeping her eyes tightly shut she ignored her nagging.

            “If you won’t tell me, I’m going to lock you in this room with no food and water!” her mother threatened. Sunshine did not even care. She was all too happy to be locked in and if she did die of starvation, her mother was to be blamed. Her mother finally left hopeless.

            “Where’s Sunshine?” her father inquired at the dinner table.

            “She’s ignoring me,” her mother replied sullenly.

            “Did you tell her?” her father asked with his mouth half full.


            “She must know that we’re going on the business trip for a few months,” her father explained.

            “I’ll tell her tomorrow and she will stay with her aunt when we leave,” her mother sighed. “I feel aunt will take care of her better than we did.”

            Sunshine dazed on the bed, gazing out at the morning sun. They were blinding and she hated them for falling into her bedroom. Drawing the black-out curtains, she immediately resettled herself into her sedimentary life style. Surprisingly, Sunshine never grew fat as she always picked at her food. As the time passed, Sunshine fell asleep.

            She was awoken by the sound of footsteps. Looking up, she saw her mother sitting beside her. Her affectionate gaze was warm but Sunshine was not able to feel it. “Dear, your father and I will be going on a business trip to a country far away. Your aunt has agreed to take you in for the time being. You will be leaving tomorrow,” her mother tried smiling.

            Sunshine felt that she had to talk. She said forcefully, “I’m not staying with any aunt. I’m not leaving this house or this room!”

            Her mother remained composed, “You’re going and the stay away will do you good. Your aunt is a lovely woman that will help you.”

Although, Sunshine was strong willed, she figured that she was really going to stay with her aunt, Lavender. And her mother felt that if Lavender could do nothing about the girl’s attitude, then neither could she.


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