Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 59
I think youíre insane and I think I believe you now.




            I was down on my last days of school, with Irvine’s words about saving my heart for someone who’s worth it swirling into my head. I wouldn’t have said it any better, it was a big nudge for me to get on with my life and move on.

            But I was entirely human. A girl human, that is. I have queries, things that I wanna know the reasons why it’s like this and that.

            I know Ethan was better than this. I know it isn’t about him suddenly realizing that he doesn’t like me. That everything that happened between us was a mistake. No. It’s not like that at all.

            There has to be something behind all this.

            “Alexine.” A voice came up behind me as I walked past the school’s entrance. “Please, wait.”

            I turned to look at the guy who was pleading, and I must admit how stupid I am to not recognize his voice. “What?” I said as I kept on walking, not even looking at Jaycee.

            “It’s about Ethan.” He said as he pulled on my jacket, trying to reel me into the unwanted conversation.

            “I think the fuck I give went that way.” I said, pointing out to the oppisite direction he’s pulling me in.

            “Listen to me, he knows everything, as in everything, and I know why he broke up with you.” He said, finally getting to the point where I thought I should start listening.

            “Are you kidding me? Because if you are, I swear I’ll punch you right now.” I threatened.

            “Punch me all you want, I’m no longer bullshitting you. If I can’t get you to fall for me, then fine, so be it. I love you Alexine, and the last thing I wanna do now is to see you like this.” For some reason I wanted to believe him, but the horrible side of me didn’t believe him anyway.

            “Look Seabrook, you’ve already done enough damage to me and everything else, now get the hell out of my sight and take your proofless claims with you.” I nudged him with my elbow so he would let go of my jacket.

            “I have proof Alexine, and its in your house.” He said, and my face contorted into something between I think you’re insane and I think I believe you now.

            “I have no time for this, the next time you come up to me saying this, I’ll feed my shoe to you.” I said angrily.

            “Ethan’s graduation is tomorrow. I think you should ask your parents about the truth about who Ethan is.” He said calmly as he let my jacket go. “He loves you, Alexine. And I respect that now. Just for once, listen to me. I’m doing this for you.”

            I stared blankly at Jaycee.

            Is this the answer to my questions?


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