Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 57
Do you love Irvine?




       “That was one rude comeback.” Irvine said as he squeezed my arm. “I’ll see you in school. Or whenever you feel like seeing me, just call.”

            I smiled at him, and leaned my back against the door-frame. I was afraid that my knees felt too weak to even hold myself up. It was only now that I’m feeling the consequences of what I said earlier during breakfast. “Sure, I know you’ll be there. Even without me telling you that I need you.”

            “See you.” He smiled one last smile, before he turned his back and bid goodbye.

            I bolted upstairs as soon as I closed the front door. There was no way I’d stay here in the living room when mom and dad left to grab some groceries, leaving me with Ethan in the house.

            It was a bad timing for giving me some alone time with that man.

            Just when I thought I could escape from him, he was standing there in the hallway. Next to my door, blocking my only way of escape.  

“I’m breaking up with you.” He said nonchalantly.

            “I figured that out the other day.” I said with what’s left of my strength and bravery, but my voice still sounded weak.

            “I thought I liked you, but I was wrong.” He said again, probably not contented with the pain that was showing in my eyes.

            “I know. I figured that out as well.” I tried to smile at him, to make sure he sees everything was okay, and that I was okay.

            “I like Catherine.” He said again, and I really wished he would just stop talking.

            “I know. You don’t have to tell me anything I already know.” I clenched my fists until it felt numb. “Now let me go to my room peacefully because I have homework to do.” I tried to move past him, uncaring if I had to shove him away from my door, but he grabbed my arm.

            “Do you love Irvine?” The dominance in his voice was all gone, and if I was smart enough to notice, there was a hint of pain in it.

            “Boy do I love him!” I said with sarcasm. “Who the hell cares and why the hell are we having this conversation?” I yelled right at his face.

            He didn’t let go of my arm, so I pushed him away.

            “I don’t care about your preferences anymore, or whatever it is you want to do with your life. I wasn’t even worth your explanation! How do you expect me to have the slightest decency to even listen to any word you say right now?” I cried out, and I couldn’t stop the tears that rolled down my cheek.

            “Good.” He breathed out and let go of my arm, turning his back on me just like that, as if he just wanted to piss me off.


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