Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 2
Closed world

It was another ordinary day in Sunshine’s life. It was the normal routine of lying in bed all day long and getting up only when she decided to actually “play” with herself. But the house was made extra safe and the maids were ordered to make sure that Sunshine didn’t ever get herself hurt. She was warned too many times about every danger in the house and told to stay away from them. Sunshine at a tender age was at first very mischievous and she got into trouble many times. But as the mundane routine set in, she figured that it was no fun at all getting herself hurt. Soon, she stopped exploring and the house had become too familiar that she knew everything about it. She knew what to hold and what not to touch. Just like another household member, she was seemingly normal. Guests that came to the house, couldn’t tell her disability and thought that she was most normal. However, time had passed too quickly and Sunshine was no longer considered ordinary. She became different and weird in her own ways. The maids felt that Sunshine, being locked in and not having contact with the outside world for so long, had became immune to many things and was starting to act abnormally.

            Sunshine was as usual lying peacefully in bed. One of the maids, Amida, entered the room and placed the tray of breakfast in front of the girl. “Breakfast miss,” Amida said softly. Sunshine just sneered at her and ignored the tray of food. The freshly baked aroma drifted to the room. It had an irresistible smell but Sunshine as she was, could ignore it with much ease. Good food and anything she desired could never make up for what she was missing.

            Sunshine’s parents were home early that day, expecting a visitor for dinner. Sunshine remained as uninterested as ever and continued her long day in bed. Today’s weather was sheer disappointment. It had not rained. Sunshine did not whine like other children, she just sulked at the little children running along the streets full of joy and laughter. How much fun they were having. The sun seemed to be telling Sunshine that she was missing all the fun and Sunshine despised it.

            As the day drew to a close, the sun disappeared behind the horizon and the mother’s welcomed their children home. Sunshine heard the heavy wooden door bang shut and supposed that her parents were home. She slouched onto the soft feather pillows and closed her eyes.

            Suddenly, her mother called out, “Sunshine! Get yourself down here now! Your aunt, uncle and cousins are here!”

            Sunshine let out a soft groan and dragged herself out of bed. She dawdled about before finally reaching the dining room.

            Her mother stared at her with infinite disappointment, “Greet your aunt and uncle and please get dressed.”

            Sunshine murmured an inaudible hello before returning to her room to change out of her night gown. She gladly picked a shabby black cotton cloak when her servant came in and got out a white frock instead. Sunshine did not utter a word as she complied with her parent’s orders but within her eyes she showed great displeasure. Slowly, she descended the stairs to the dining room. Sitting quietly across the table from her cousin, Vancy, she picked at her food. Vancy was the same age as Sunshine but she detested her cousin very much.

            “So cousin,” Vancy snarled. “How’s it like being a prisoner of your own home?”

            Sunshine’s eyes shot back at Vancy and sneered, “I’m no prisoner. You’re a spoilt brat.”

            “And look at our dear little princess. You’re utterly vulnerable, you wicked little thing!” Vancy shot back at the comment.

            Sunshine was glowing with fury but she remained composed and whispered, “Like I care!”

            Vancy was not very satisfied with her victory and she complained to Sunshine’s mother that Sunshine had been rude to her. “Sunshine!” her mother scolded.

            “Had not, you little liar!” Sunshine retorted. “You started it!”

            “Go stand in the backyard till you get your manners back!” Sunshine’s father shouted.

            “No! She was at fault,” Sunshine retaliated.

            “Look how she’s treating me, aunt. I’m so sad for her. I never meant to hurt her,” Vancy looked sorry.

            Sunshine saw through the cruel girl and disappeared to her room not shedding a single tear. She would not give in to anyone that wronged her.

            “I thought Sunshine was a delightful child,” her aunt asked shocked.

            Her mother sighed and replied, “The last time you saw Sunshine was many years ago. She had turned into a cold, dark rebellion ever since we kept her in.”

            “Keeping a child in is no good thing. No wonder she became like this,” her uncle explained.

            “We had no choice,” her father shrugged.


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