Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 137
The Inheritors








For my children, Robin, Boaz and Solomon. My hope and promise for tomorrow.


Children of tomorrow

Inheritors of wealth,

Receivers of knowledge

And defenders of our health.

Your card hand is variable

Some good and some is bad

There's the excellence of plenty

And the poverty of sad.


Vast projects of advancement

Are yours to commence,

Arenas of discovery

Before you to dispense.

Development of systems

To augment your fellow man

And the thrill of your involvement

In the achievement of the plan.


Our generation fought the fight

We battled poverty,

We built the roads and dug the trench

And strived for parity.

God knows we tried to parry war

To keep the peace, our plan

But human nature's failing

Is the conflict found in man.


Two World Wars were meant

To stop aggression in it's tracks,

But since we've had Vietnam's war

And the Terrorist attacks.

War's horror clogs the media

Man's conflict has appeal,

Newspaper sales accelerate

With battle adding zeal.


Contamination's worldwide

Pollution's in the air,

The food chain is corrupted

And water shortages everywhere.

Australia is a desert, Africa is dust,

Pacific Islands inundate

The Brazilian forest's crushed.


The bullshit is everywhere

Great political manipulator

Government heads capitulate

To resurrect as a Dictator.

Bad insider trading,

Disgusting hedge fund fraud

And the interest rates of savings banks

Are flawed, flawed, flawed.


WELCOME to your inheritance

Dear children of mine,

Welcome to complexities

Beyond the mere sublime.

Beyond the world's confusion,

And way beyond your role,

And then there's mans ability

To lose his self control.

Mans massive mighty ego,

His bastard selfishness,

And great man's holy tendency

To completely self obsess.


We know you hold us in disdain

For our performance here to date,

But I feel the need to tell you

Of our desire to get this straight,

Despite ultimately failing

When really put to the test,

Understand, we tried our hardest

And we did our very best.


Leaders of tomorrow

With all your youth and drive,

We wish you high intelligence

And the courage to survive.

We hope you have successes

And good fortune in your plan,

For tomorrow's fight will emulate

That lost by yesterday's man.





Mangere Bridge

7 May 2009



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