American Stereotypes
Author: B. Miller

Chapter 3
American men who marry mail order brides

American Men who Marry Male Order Brides

If youíre an overweight American computer geek that has man boobs, a pony tail and comic book figures on your desk you may find that you are often left out of the game of love. Unless, of course you count the love that you have for drinking Mt. Dew, playing dungeons and dragons and eating Cheetos all day.

Unfortunately for gamers, social misfits, Star War nerds and conosuiers of World of War Craft, spending the majority of your childhood and adult life playing video games on Friday and Saturday nights has left you with the social skills of a Neanderthal. True story, a friend of mine works at Microsoft as a programmer or some fucking shit I donít know, anyway he said that they have had to fire several wizards (nerds) for falling asleep on the job, because they will stay up all night playing the video game World of War Craft. In fact being addicted to video games is now a documented personal problem along with masturbating to sadistic Asian cartoon porn.

Men who fancy the latter have become frustrated and angry towards American women for their lack of interest in them and their dragon tattoos. However, American nerds need to stop hating American women because they donít share their passion for black magic or a firm belief in wizards. Open your flabby arms to the possibility that there may be a girl that shares your interest on American soil and not in the former Soviet Union or an Asian country.

Given the predicament of these American men, I understand their logic in thinking that a mail order bride is still their best chance at a relationship with female humans. Many of these men are frustrated with the progress human robots are making in terms of being realistic in both touch and appearance. Where technology lacks a hefty salary in the IT industry bails these men out.
I donít blame the Russian women who put a price on their hand in marriage with American nerds. I would want to leave Russia also even if I had to marry Jabba the Hut. Having to deal with Russian men and their associated stench of vodka, leather jackets, cigarettes, drunken beatings and cheap cologne would be enough to make any woman want leave her beloved mother Russia. But, what about Asian women I donít blame them either for joining the mail order bride racket, I wouldnít want to spend life making Nike shoes for five dollars a day or working in a whore house catering to traveling American business men cheating on their wives on a sex tourís in Taiwan.

Sometimes the blame that has put American men in this predicament can be spread around the family tree. Some of these men were raised by blubbering idiot parents that locked them in their room to avoid having to do any actual parenting thanks to cable T.V. and the advent of video games. Most have the kind of mom that married their dad and got accidently knocked up to avoid having to ever have to work full time, they view having a baby as a well-played hand in a game of poker, forcing a man to fold under the pressure of the American idea that a man is supposed to marry a woman if he knocks her up.

Rather than playing outside with the rest of the neighborhood kids, these poor children like Mormon kids on Sundayís were forced to stare out their bedroom or livingroom window and watch all the neighborhood kids play whiffle ball in the street. These poor kids were told to go to their room when they got home from school; where their mom kept them on a steady regiment of junk food, cable TV and video games. Just so she could watch soap operas on TV, have an affair with her unemployed neighbor all while her husband was working. Basically, in America a lot of people grow up in a screwed up way void of love and attention, why do you think we have a disproportionate amount of serial killers in America compared to the rest of the world. As result Men who marry male order brides are typically social misfits with weird hobbies; such as dressing up as a storm trooper for Star War movie nights at their friend Blaineís house or masturbating to sadistic Asian porn while drinking Mt. Dew and eating pepperoni pizza, gross.

Despite an anti-social child hood and a semi functional adult life, friends are there when you need them and rich nerds still may have a chance at love thanks to their best friendís technology and the internet. It used to be there was somebody for everybody in America, even if you looked like the elephant man you could find a wife that was in your league that looked like the elephant woman, but that all changed with the internet and marrying foreigners for citizenship. Today there are some nerds who think they deserve a beautiful woman just because they have money. Donald Trump and Larry King are great examples of this notion. Some might say they have wives but I think they have high priced prostitutes for wives. Only women can have sex with men 20 years their age that are disgusting looking because theyíre rich. Most men on the other hand can barely gather the strength to have sex with their fat ass bitchy American wives, hence the never ending need for prostitutes and call girls. But thanks to stringent immigration laws unless youíre from Mexico, the rest of the women in the world have to marry some nerd with a lot of money to get citizenship in America. Thatís why itís not uncommon to see hot Russian or Asian woman with some overweight guy with a ponytail, who looks like the comic book store owner from the Simpsons in Silicon Valley or any other city in America with a booming technology industry.

In fact the mail order bride industry has grown with popularity and success in relation to the technology and dot com boom from the early nineties and also to the failing economies in Russia and poverty in Asia. Also with American women now making more money and the number of gold diggers dropping slightly, American nerds are looking overseas to find a bride of beauty to bare their children. In short there are more American women looking to marry a guy for other reasons than the bulge in the back of his pocket, but there are still plenty of women that can live a lie for the right price.

Its mind boggling that these men actually fall for the scam in the first place. A lot of these women particularly in Russia and Eastern Block countries ask for money to fly to the U.S. and once they receive the money they disappear for good. Donít they realize that these women are only marrying them for citizenship and the hope of a better life?

Sex tourism is also booming in Asia, American men tired of dating in America now spend outrageous amounts of money to have sex with fourteen year olds in Asian whore house slums. A rich nerdís idea of a vacation today is going to Bangkok China on a sex tour with his fellow computer engineers, video game programmers and software engineers to have sex with girls around the age of fourteen years old. This is a better option than having to tell all your neighbors that youíre a registered sex offender.

And what does it take to get a mail order bride from one of these countries; money and a distorted view on marriage and relationships with women. In fact there are a set of standards revolving around money that you have to meet to actually get a mail order bride. If you go through one of the many companies on the internet a prospective customer will find; that it will cost you anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 and you must have a documented annual income of over $100,000 US dollars. If these mail order brides actually come to the United States and donít take your money before they come here they always leave these guys once they get citizenship, a car and credit card in their name is enough for them to split. So there you have it, if youíre a rich nerd you now know what you will need to do to find a bride, if youíre unwilling to date women that are in your league, based on your distorted perception that you should be dating women that match your income with beauty.


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