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Author: Yours 4 Good

Chapter 10
Fallen Rain

Fallen Rain

You wouldn’t have considered my life as normal. I tried to make it seem and feel normal but I didn’t usually succeed. I was a princess for goodness sake. But I was treated like the queen. They treated me as if I was dangerous or something. I actually have more power over The Sky than my step father and my mother.

            I walked down the hallway and ran my fingers against the wall. Berden sat on my shoulder and cooed softly. I remember the day so well. I came across a window and saw rain clouds. It was going to rain again. I walked further and looked at the many pictures that hanged on the wall. The pictures were of past princesses. Their faces were blank. Emotionless. They seemed to hang their only because they were just supposed to be there. They were all beautiful but the way they looked didn’t reveal anything. As if showing beauty was a crime. Not even the slightest bit of beauty shed threw the mist over their bland eyes. I walked in front of my mother’s picture and stopped. I tilted my head sideways to get a better look. I always remembered my mother’s eyes as soft and loving but in this picture showed a new her. The beauty was hidden completely and her eyes were frozen in a weird stern look. Whenever I looked at this picture I would have an image of her dead. That’s how bland she looked. She looked dead. Her eyes seemed tired. Her cheeks were a light pink color from a ton of make-up that made her look a bit weird. To sum it up, she didn’t look like her. She seemed familiar but defiantly not her.  

            My 18th birthday was approaching and I would see myself for the first time and become queen. Most princesses can’t wait to see themselves. We were forbidden to see our appearance until we were 18. But I was deathly afraid of it. I always wondered what I looked like but I was also afraid of my appearance. It scared me to think that after all these years of waiting I was just going to see it. I would see my reflection. I would see it in an ancient mirror and that would be it. I would then have the freedom to look at myself whenever I wanted. That sort of change scared me. I didn’t know what I would hope for. What my dreams would be filled with. What I was going to do. All my dreams would come true in that moment. When I saw it. When I saw my reflection.

            I heard yelling all of a sudden a few doors down and I listened.

“I never said you had a choice! You must kill her!” that was my step father.

“No! I am not gonna do your dirty work! And she is my daughter I can’t let you or anything or anyone kill her for the sake of your son!” my mother said. That was when I knew he wanted me killed. I walked closer to the source of all the noise and listened intently.

“Who is gonna stop me!” he screeched. He seemed offended.

I had to strain my ears to hear him whisper.

“You?” he chuckled.

“Yes! I will! Do you really think I am gonna sit back and let you destroy all I have worked for? My beautiful daughter! My wonderful kingdom! I will stop you Dead Leaves! I will!” By the end of the sentence her voice was raised into an outraged roar. I could almost imagine her eyes, little ice chips of blue, burning like fire. 

“Then I guess we have to get rid of you don’t we?” I heard a flick of a switch blade and I forgot that I was supposed to be hidden. This moment I would regret for the rest of my life. I stepped inside the room and glared at my step father, rage bubbled over as I realized the blade was at my mother’s throat. He looked stunned for a moment then smiled evilly. He threw the switch blade at me and I dodged. My mother squeaked in alarm.  It stuck in the floor behind me. I stared at it. Realizing tat it could have killed me. He released my mother and pointed to the switch blade that was still on the floor with his giant sausage like fingers.

“You must kill your mother” he said. He looked physic. It was a little disturbing. I looked at him like he was crazy, he was. I shook my head.

“OK! Here are your choices either kill your mother and die because you killed her or don’t kill her and die because it is the law that you have to do what I say.” He said it calmly like it was an ordinary thing. As if killing my mother was the smartest thing on the face of the planet. I stared at him admiring him for his geniuses and hating for making me do such a thing. I shook my head.

“You’re not gonna make me kill my own mother!” I said. He smiled. My mother started to weep.

“GUARDS!!” he yelled. The guards rushed in and kneeled before the king.

“Seize her!” he says. He said this while pointing his giant sausage fingers in face. Berden fluttered off me as the guards waddled over and took hold of my arms. It’s a little depressing when your own guards seize you. It kinda feels like I am being betrayed. What am I saying? I was being betrayed. Dead Leaves, who I used to be proud of to call my step father, led the guards threw the castle and to the dungeon. They clasped my hands with chains and threw me in the cell.

“I will see you in court!” Dead Leaves said. And banged on the bars on my cell. I sat against the wall and wondered what I could have done to prevent the situation that my mother and I are in at this point. Tears poured from my eyes and down my cheeks. The tears felt so cold compared to the cell. It felt like little ice cubes running down my face. I didn’t bother wipe them from my face. I had nobody to look pretty for anyway. It was so hot everything felt cold compared to the heat. I spotted a raggedy old blanket lying in the corner of the cell. I dragged myself over to it and laid my head on it. I slept. My dreams were filled with death. Where I have never been. I saw swirls of something and it confused me. I saw fields catch on fire and burn to black. My eyes fluttered open and the king was at the door to the cell. The guards charged in and they dragged me out. They brought me to the Supreme Court.

The decision was made that I would be punished with forgetting my memory and being sentenced to the Box of Darkness, and then I would be cast down the earth pit. Then I would become mortal. I would start my box sentence tomorrow morning. I was put in my cell and I wept and wept. I wept myself to sleep. I the morning my eyes were puffy and red. They dragged me out. As I approached the box I restrained. I tried to keep myself from going in the box.

They were about to suck my memory out. I looked at all the people around me. I saw Lightening, the boy I loved, I saw my mother, who was wailing and trying to reach toward me, I saw very familiar faces surrounding me. But then their familiarness suddenly disappeared. They threw me into the box and everything went dark. All I knew was that I was in here because the king betrayed me, I could remember my loves face but not his name, and I could remember Berden, my sweet little owl that was a gift from my mother. That was it. I couldn’t even remember my name. I tried and tried to recall what it was, but each time I tried I would get frustrated. I started to cry. I cried myself to sleep every night. I fell asleep and woke to total darkness every day. I didn’t even know if it was day or night anymore. It was just… dark. Years past and I started to try to entertain myself. I tried to stand up but I bumped my head on the ceiling. I crawled around and found that my little chamber was fairly large. I slept. I ate bread that I found in the corner. I found lots of things in the box. It felt like home now.

 One day light streamed in. I hid myself from what I had been longing for for so long. Light is so beautiful. And you never know it unless you’re hidden from it. I remember wishing that the sun wasn’t so bright. Now I willed to be brighter. I was soon surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Some filled with rage. Some with sorrow. I recognized Berden almost at once. He flew to my solder and nuzzled me. I was embraced by my weeping mother, and my love witch I now remember his name… Lightening. They are all ripped from me as the soldiers seized me on the king’s demand. He smiled evilly at me and started to lead the soldiers away. As I passed my mother and I scream.

“What is my name?!”

“Rain! Fallen Rain!” she whispered back and hands me a sweater. I remembered that this was her favorite sweater. I remembered loving her.

“I love you!” I screeched. I didn’t hear her reply. But as I past Lightening I saw he was crying.

“Good bye Rain!” he sobbed. I was then cast into the earth pit.

The wind was blowing in my hair. The wind was making my hair go up as if there was no such thing as gravity. The clouds zoomed past me as I plummeted down. The earth came closer and closer to my feet. I knew I couldn’t breathe but my lungs screamed for air. The air was warm and the sun was on my back. The sky was a blood red. It was almost sun set. My heart was racing. I enjoyed the feeling of air one last moment. My heart leaped as I hit the ground, gravity taking over. Air rushed into my lungs, the polluted air. So used to the clear air of the sky. Here the air was thick and it was hard to breath. I found a tree and I laid down to rest as the sun finally sank behind the horizon.

I woke that morning breathing in the still thick but thinner morning air. It had rained and the sweet dew rested on my lips. Right then I saw that the tree I had rested on the night before bore fruit. I reach upward and ate a bit the reddish looking fruit. It was bitter sweetness that touched my tongue, making me retreat from it. The taste was so intense that I still wanted to eat it as soon as I could. The fruit streamed juice as I bit down giving me a feeling of joy. It was hard unlike the fruit I had had in the past. With each bite my life became happier. But the thought of my mother pricked at my mind still.

I finish the fruit and then got up to see what was around me. I saw hills. Many hills. They rolled alongside a forest filled with pines that reached towards the sky. The sky was still a purplish color. It revealed nothing. It was still too dark to tell that it had rained the night before. I ran in the hills, my bare feet barely making any noise as I pranced. Soon my feet led me to the forest wound in and out through the trees, birds sending calls of alarm as I zoomed past. I came panting to a stop in a small clearing that revealed the sky that was now lightening.

            I saw a puddle in the outskirts of the clearing and I walked over to it and cupped my hands to get a drink. But as I bent down I saw an image appear in the water. My hair drooped down and sank into the puddle and the image’s hair did the same. I reach out to touch it but I only touch the water. The image tried to touch me to but she could not either. Then I realized that the image was me! I had seen my hair before and that was my hair! I had never seen the rest of my face before. I knew that was my skin, but my nose, my eyes. My eyes were like the ocean. I stared at them for what seemed like hours. I could see the waves, and a little bit of seaweed. They were beautiful. I had to drag my eyes away from my image in the water. Forgetting about the thirst that I had first come to the puddle to quench, I start to run once more. The wind billowing in my honey hair and the soft ground brushing against my feet.

                 I run out of the forest and into the hills that bordered the forest. I closed my eyes as I went up a hill and then down the other side, then up the next hill. All the sound around me seized as it started to rain. You could barely hear the pitter patter of the rain drops. You could not hear the sound of my feet lightly hitting the ground. The silence was beautiful! With the rain falling it made the air clearer making it seem more and more like the sky. I tumbled into the grass my soaked hair clinging to my face. I could feel the rain on my face as it began to become heavier. I open them and sit up, looking into the woods that lie a few feet away. I see a little miniature goat lying on the ground. Its breath coming out in short gasps.

            I went over to it to see there was a large scrape going across its side, blood welling out. I took my sweater off to stop the blood and it worked. My now covered in blood sweater was no use to me now so I wrapped it around the goat’s stomach and tied the arm together. I then went to the hills and plucked a bunch of tall green grass and brought it back to the forest. When I came back to where the goat was, he was gone. My heart sank as I went back to the tree where I had landed. I fall asleep.

            The next morning I ate the fruit and head off again. I didn’t know what else to do. I found a little hole in the forest that was big enough for me to squeeze into. The tunnel seemed to go on forever. The strange thing is that is seemed to be going up. I feel something extreme that I have never felt before that made me yelp. I look down at my knee and see in the dim light that there is a liquid coming from my knee. I decided that I would stop for the night.

            The night didn’t go by fast. I kept waking up because the stones were poking me in the back. I got many scrapes and cuts and bruises. And I was so dirty I looked like a piece of dung. I woke up the next morning and didn’t recognize where I was and started to freak out. I then remembered and moved forward. The light at the end of the tunnel was getting closer and there had to be food on the other side. I went closer and closer to the light and finally reached it. I clasped in it. The light is actually a large room filled with giant doors. I peeked into one and saw the world’s most horrible things. It was filled with screaming and crying that pierced my ears.

            Another door was filled with clouds. I touched one of the clouds with my foot and realized you could not walk on them. The next door was just an ocean. And as I could tell there was no land in sight. I opened the last door and I realized that I recognized the landscape. I realized this is where I belong. This was The Sky.                   

            I couldn’t believe it. My chest almost exploded into a thousand pieces. Almost fell apart and turned to ashes. My heart was beating so hard that I could hear it in my ears. I stood there in the doorway looking out on the land I used to call my own. I stood there and watched. I could see the sea in the distance. Rocking with the wind. I remembered my eyes. I stood there waiting for something. I didn’t know what it was yet. But I was waiting for something. I took my toes and brushed them against the soft grass. Not sure if it was real or just my imagination. I felt the grass, I smelled the wind. I finally exited the doorway. I felt the refreshing flow of immortality rush through me. I started to walk towards the castle in the village that saw in the distance. I knew that was my castle. I didn’t know what to do. Everyone sent down the earth pit has never come back. How will they react? I couldn’t help but think they might kill me if I go back to the castle. Maybe this would be my chance to grow up in the village and have a normal live. Maybe this was my chance. A chance to be free.

 I knew if I were to do this I would have to change my appearance completely. I veer off towards the sea. I wash my face and the red liquid on my knee. I head towards the village. I decided I would live life as an outsider. Never showing my face. I would be a common merchant. I will hopefully get a husband and live happily ever after. And I knew that if I was ever discovered I would be captured and killed. Maybe I could get a job in the castle and watch over my mother. As I entered the village I knew I had made the right decision.      


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