alabama school of fine arts
Author: Yours 4 Good

Chapter 9
Bella was a feild mouse

Bella was a little field mouse. She grew up to be a good mouse. She gave food to the poor mouse and paid her taxes to the tax mouse. But one day she came across a handsome young church mouse named Sir. Mouse, he was a general in the Mouse Church Army. She married Sir. Mouse. They had 7 little mice. All of the little mice were all so very nice. And this is how they would remember all their names. Timple Top is really nice, but then there is Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Spice is not so mean, but then there’s Jelly Bean, Jelly Bean is all so buff, but then there’s Mouse Ear Muff, Mouse Ear Muffs names really long, but then there’s King Kong, King Kong is really fluffy, but then there’s Little Bubby, and now at last there is big ol’ Pete who I know is last but is not least. Well, Pete sure was the least, they went to a fare once and they lost Pete. They could find him in the heap of all the screaming children. Pete couldn’t find his way home, a little hole in the church wall where his family lay down to sleep thinking that everything was ok. Where was home. Pete cried himself to sleep on a ride. The fair’s wheel I believe. In the morning he left the fare. Leaving the fare behind. Trying to find home. But where is home? He cried. He went up and down the street looking for any sign of the church he had called home. He asked many people on the street but nobody would tell him. But one young girl led him to his beloved home and they too got married. Her name was Rose. She had a pink nose. And when she is sad she goes… boo hoo I love you… Pete. Then Pete grabs his little nose which was pink too. I love you he would say too. But when he was sad he would just sob. And sweet little Rose would make his favorite which was corn or the cob. But then Rose got sick and Pete wasn’t happy. Her four-head was warm and she was awfully nappy. Then she said boo hoo I love you… Pete. Those were also her last words


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