Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 10
It was taunting Me

From Maggie’s P.O.V.

                We stood there confused. We had nothing to do but wait. The question is, how long would we wait?

     I turned to Chaz, "I think we should-"

He cut me off, "Get in the truck."

"The truck?" I turned to trees in the direction of the truck and remembered the remains of Pen inside, "We can't"

"Its our only option. Its the only thing fast enough to get us out. It has some protection also."

I slowly nodded my head and we started off for the truck.

When we reached the truck Chaz looked away from the window, trying not to look at the bloody insides of the truck. He grabbed the door handle and found it unlocked. He motioned for me to go to the other side of the truck, not making eye contact.

I followed instructions and headed over to my door.

Slowly I watched as Chaz slid is way up onto the bloody seats.

I opened my door and slid up onto my seat.

We both closed our doors.

I could tell Chaz could barely breathe with the smell. He was gagging a lot and he was forcing himself not to look around him.

The smell of the blood was in my nostrils and I did all I could not to lean down onto the seat and take a taste.

If I hadn't known that this was Pen's blood, I probably already would have. She was my friend. I couldn't taste what was left of her. But still, it was tempting none the less.

Chaz lifted his head up and grabbed the steering wheel. I knew he could feel the blood on his fingers. He was pale and it looked like he was going to pass out.

He rummaged through his pockets and found the keys. He was shaking madly when he tried to put them in ignition and he barely fit the key in. When he turned it, nothing happened.

I heard a tiny growl behind us, that sounded more like a laugh.

I turned around, behind Chaz's seat was the yellow eyes. I screamed loudly and immediately jumped out of the car and ran. I didn't look behind me, but I was sure Chaz got out alright.

Finally, I stopped running and looked around me. There was nothing in sight. I had no idea what direction I had run, and now hadn't the slightest clue where I was. I turned around once more. At the end of the turn, there they were. It was the yellow eyes coming forward.

I got a good look at the beast. It was mainly human like, but the skin was gray with some darker splotches. It had long fingernails that looked as sharp as knives. The small amount of hair on the head was wet from the bodily slime that leaked off the creature with every unnatural move it made. It seemed as it could move in many different ways. Slithering like a snake, or running on all fours. Both ways were faster than any human could run.

Behind the creature was Chaz's body, dragging behind him. The beast smiled broadly revealing long sharp teeth that looked extremely disgusting and messy.

It pulled Chaz's body in front of me, slit at the throat and bleeding.

I fell back onto the ground and began scooting away, until my back hit a tree.

I was two yards from the beast, while it smiled sickly and began tearing at Chaz's flesh.

It was taunting me.

It knew I was like it, knew I liked the taste of blood. The creature was showing me that it could eat all these years in the forest, including my friends, while I sat in hiding with humans never tasting a delicious bite.

I closed my eyes for a long time. I could hear the eating sounds and I let the tears fall from my eyes. For a while I sat shaking against the tree, until the noises stopped. I opened my eyes.

The creature was gone.

I stood to my feet and fast as I could and began scrambling up the tree my back had been against.

I knew I couldn't hide for long, but I felt safer in the trees.

I propped my body upright on thick branch and scanned the ground below for any movement, trying to keep myself awake. But it wasn't long before I fell asleep.



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