Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 9
It got Her

When I reached the boys I tripped and they both came to help me. When they saw the blood they freaked. “Where is Pen?” Brad asked anxiously.

                “Dead, it got her.”

                “What got her?” Chaz asked.

                “You know what!” I screamed.

                Brad ran for the trees. I hollered at him, “Don’t go Brad!”

                “I have too!”

                “What good is it going to do? She is already gone.”

                “No she isn’t!” He screamed and ran for the truck before Chaz could stop him.

                “No!” I screamed and rolled over in the dirt, “No! It’s my fault!” I began to cry and Chaz placed his hand on my face.

                “Stop this Maggie. This isn’t a prank is it? Pen is really okay right?”

                I shook my head and more tears came. I crawled up from the ground and hurtled myself after Brad. “Brad! Come back!”

                Chaz followed me to the truck. When we got there no one was there.

                Chaz sighed, “Where are they?”

                I ran to the truck and looked through the broken window. The whole inside was entirely filled with blood and guts but no one there. I walked around to the back and saw nothing.

                “Where did it take them?” I turned to Chaz who was now puking at the sight of the truck. He wiped his mouth with his jacket sleeve.

                “It doesn’t matter where they are. It matters where we are.” Chaz took my hand, “We need to get out of here before it’s too late, Mags. We have to leave without them.”

                “But they’re your friends!”

                “It’s our lives we are talking about here! As far as we know they are already dead! We can’t stay here and wait for our guts to be ripped out!” Chaz yelled in my face and he tugged me back the way we had come.

                The fire was still crackling and burning bright. Chaz pulled me along through bushes and branches trying to figure out what way we should take to get out of the woods.

                “Where the hell are you going?” I screamed at him.

                He hollered back, “You think I know? I’m trying to get out of this forest!”

                “Why didn’t you stay at the truck and follow the tire tracks back then?”

                 Chaz turned around and yelled, “I can’t think Maggie! I thought that maybe”- He stopped midsentence. In the darkness I could see the faint outline of a grip around his neck. He was gasping for air.

                I reached up to his neck and caught hold of the slime around his neck. I pried at the fingers and ripped them from off his neck. Chaz fell to the ground taking in as much air as he could. I let go of the fingers and went to help Chaz, but before I could something grabbed my ankle and yanked me to the dirt.

                I turned my neck and saw the eyes. They glowed in the faint moonlight. They were trying with all their might to pull me away but they couldn’t seem to muster enough strength. I whipped myself around grabbed hold of the slimy wrists of the creature and tried to get free. The creature stopped struggling for a moment. It seemed to be looking at my hand.

                Only the blood was left stained on my hand from the injury the beast had given me back at the truck. No wound was left.

                The creature hissed in my face before it retreated into the forest. What had made it so scared all of the sudden?

                Chaz helped me off the ground and we went back to the fire once more.


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