A Girl Named Her
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 8

And she sits there thinking about him again. He's hurt her so much, so why can't she just forget him. Yea, she doesn't like his girlfriend, and she takes her hurt out in the wrong ways by talking crap. She doesn't mean to. She can't help not liking her because she has him and makes him happier than she was ever able to. It kills her seeing them together. It kills her seeing him with any of his new girlfriends. After almost a year and a half, she's still in so much pain over it.
And the last thing he said to her hurt her the most. Telling someone to never talk to you again, to never even mention their name ever again, telling that to the girl who still can't get over her first love, kills her more than they know. She can't get that last message out of her mind. The words are etched into her head and she will never forget. And the fact that she was with her new boyfriend when it happened, makes it all the worse. Him having to see her bawl her eyes out so hard over her ex. But she can't help it. The minute she finished the message she burst into tears and wasn't able to stop. The guy who once loved her more than life itsself, now probably wishes she were to dissapear or die. When all she wants is to fix the friendship. Or at least make him not hate her. He still has a decent sized place in her heart. She's not proud of that. She's not proud of the way she treated him. But she's tried fixing it, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. And now he hates her guts. And things will never be ok between them again. He can make her want to slice her wrists with one text. He can make her want to die even though she has every reason to be happ and live forever. He makes her hate her life and not want to be here anymore. She still loves him. He doesn't give a fuck. And she just wants to move on but she can't. She just wants to be ok again. But she never will be.

November 1, 2011


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