Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 5
Feeling Warm

From Christopherís point of view:
There they were.†
A truck pulled up and four teenagers got out with their camping gear. They were ready to have a fearful night around the fire roasting disgusting marshmallows.
I was glad that I no longer considered myself human. I was born from a human; therefore most would consider me a human. But no, I donít think like humans. They are mindless creatures with as little brain as a squirrel. Even someone with as little knowledge as me could reason the way humans did not.
So many people have spent their last weekends or last nights in this forest because of me. Yet, more people and more people still come into the trees. Some with little intention of coming in contact with me, some hoping to see me and escape, and the rare few who actually want to die.†
Over and over again I hear the same story about me told over many a campfire. A few new alterations every once and a while, and a few more lies now and then. Each story told a little bit different.
I donít mind though. Itís the last time they will tell their story anyways. These are the last people that will ever hear those words come through their mouth. Cannibal, insane, terrible, are all words that describe me. But what they donít understand is who I really am. Iím no cannibal. I only eat to survive like them. The only difference is I have desire for Blood. Not silly things such as regular food.†
I sense a presence now. It has a warm touch. It takes over my body and throws me to the ground.†
What is that?
It feels so wonderful and loving. Something I havenít felt in such a long time. It took over my body and held me there, wondering what strange creature could have brought the feelings into the trees.
Then I saw her. She had dark brown hair that fell in curls down her back. She wore a leather jacket and tight jeans. Her smile was bright and intoxicating. But it wasnít her appearance that trances me so. There was no aroma of blood surrounding her that did everyone else. It hated her, stayed away from her. She was different. There was a connection I felt between us. †There was a small glowing light that grew inside of me the closer I got to her. What made her have this feeling inside me? †Did she feel it too?
Iíll try to forget about it right now. I have to get going on this operation.
There was two muscular boys pulling out a tent and starting to put it up. †I smiled, knowing they would never sleep in it.
Next to the dark haired girl was a blond. She talked like a ditz and I knew she was my best shot at a starting body. I crept my flexible body through the trees surrounding her until I reached the bushes just behind her back.†
I picked up a little stone and through it towards her feet.†


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