Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 4
People think in strange ways

From Maggie’s point of view:


People thought in strange ways. They fill their minds up with fear and things that don’t exist. Maybe they do exist and maybe they don’t. But until you know for sure, why worry?

            Everyone who walked past the “Haunted Forest” would start to run or walk faster because they were afraid that something was going to pop out and eat them. They were scared of that ten year old boy. 

            I had heard the stories of the boy who ran to the forest a long time ago. How he longed for blood of humans and ate whoever came in or tried to get out. I didn't believe them though. It was a stupid thought.

            The girls in the locker room at school always talk about how scary it is and how their boyfriends tried to take them in there to scare them. Most of them admitted to freaking out so badly before even getting to the forest that their boyfriends decided to forget about it.

             I didn't believe what the girls said about the man eating boy, but the forest was curious. It was where the most murders and strange disapearances occur.

            People can't explain where all the teenagers looking for a bit of a scare end up. No one can explain where all those families on camping trips went. No one can explain where all the bodies end up. And so they tell stories about some boy who left the mental house a few years back.

              These stories interested me. The feeling of eating a person scared me. There was that reason that it scared me, but I pushed it back into my mind where it usually went. Hidden and unnoticed.                    I peered into the trees of the forest and I sensed a presence of something that always lingered there every time I passed. It made me feel welcome and warm. While everyone else said that it gave them the creeps or freaked them out, it made me feel at home, like I was in the right place.

            I did not want to feel that way I can admit. The feeling of being at peace where everyone else gets the chills doesn’t exactly say, “I’m normal” in any way. And I was on the normal plate right now.

            I had been on both sides of people scale. I had been popular. I had been weird and unloved. Now, at the moment, I am popular. My friends love me and I have plenty of them. There was that time though. The memories came spilling but I dammed the entry way of thoughts before it could come rushing thoroughly to my mind.

            My phone buzzed, “Hey Chaz, what’s up?” I waited for Chaz to stop talking to other people and for him to realize I had answered the phone.

            “Oh Hey Maggs, are you coming tonight?”

            It came back to me. Last month Chaz and some friends had invited me to go on a camping trip over fall break. I had fully agreed before they told me that it was in the forest. That forest that makes me feel so welcome. That forest that makes me worried at the fact I feel so welcome.

            “Yes, I’m coming. I don’t know how many times I have told you.” I sighed.

            “Well I didn’t know if you were going to chicken out last minute.” Chaz laughed, “I’ll be at your house at seven. So be ready.” He hung up the phone.

            I don’t know if I’ll like it. In fact I don’t think I will like it at all now that I mention it.

            Just two weeks ago, two of some well known kids from school went into that forest and never came out. The captain of the basketball team was one of them. Danny was a good kid and now he was gone.

            What if we never come out of that forest?



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