Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 3
Meal Time

“Danny! Danny this isn’t funny. I know your hiding from me. Don’t think you can scare me! I know the horror stories about this forest. And I don’t want to stay here long enough to find out if their true or not!”

            A female voice shouted from below. My eyes followed her movements. She was scared. She was shaking with fear. The girl knew of me. She knew of my presence here, I knew she could feel it. She probably thought it to be her little boyfriend Danny, the one who does not believe in my presence. He will know of me soon though. They both won’t see another day outside of these trees.

            She brushed through the branches and out popped Danny. She screeched then laughed. He had scared her half to death.

            I would scare her to her death.

            The boy hugged her and laughed at her face, “You should have seen yourself Rachel! You were a mess!”

            She smirked, “Alright, alright. You got me. Can we go now? This place gives me the creeps.”

            They started walking away and I dragged my body down the tree quietly to follow them. My slimy body allowed me to climb through this forest without a sound. They won’t know I’m here. I laughed to myself hoarsely and the girl turned around.

            “Did you hear that Danny?” She exclaimed. He shook his head and took her waist. They continued on through the trees.

            I kept pulling myself along on the ground like a snake. Smiling all the while, knowing this brave couple would be my first real meal in months.

            I was so close to them now and they didn’t know I was there. I reached out and grabbed the girl’s leg and she screamed. I yanked her down to the dirt and she hit with a thud, “Danny! Danny!” She hollered for help trying to scoot away from my body that quickly came to hers.

            Danny was petrified by the site of me and he didn’t do anything for a few moments. Long enough for me to yank myself on top of her thin body and tear at her clothes to get them off.

            Danny realized he was doing nothing and grabbed at her arms. He pulled her hard and good. I fell off her body but grabbed onto her legs. I tore at her flesh with my sharp nails and she shrieked in pain.

            The most annoying thing about getting something to eat is hearing them scream. They can’t be saved from me. Why even try?

            I took the better hold of the girl and the boy ran away in fear. I ripped at her ankle muscles and wrists. By the time I was back from killing the boy half her blood would be gone and she would be dead. This would leave a more dry meal for me, but I could not let the boy get away.

            I scrambled on the forest floor after Danny. He was no match for my speed. He was terrified and I could tell when he looked back to see me right by his feet.

            I pushed with my knees and took hold of his back pushing him down onto the dirt and covering him in my bodily slime. He begged for mercy, "Please, no! Please! I won't say a word about you! I won't get you in trouble! Let me go!"

            I slit is throat with my long nails and he felt silent. I smiled.

            His body was lifeless. I took his right wrist and dragged him off back into the trees to be finished with the girl.

            It was too easy. After all these years in the trees, not a single one has gotten away. The more practice I get, the better and more efficient killing becomes.

             Or so I thought.


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