Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 2

I was full. More full than I had ever felt in my life. I had never entirely felt full, ever. Now that I had just ate a full grown man my stomach seemed more pleased than it ever had been before.

            My mind wasn't pleased though.

            What would I do now? Once people see this I'll be in a far worse situation than this hospital. What would I say to my mother? Should I see my mother?

            No, I couldn't. I couldn't do anything to help myself. What have I done? I can't stay here now. I would have to run. Its the only thing I can do. I have to leave. I have to leave now.

                  I crashed through the door, now racing across the tile floors like a dog. The man’s blood on my hands and body splashed onto the floor and my hand prints left marks on the white tile.                     A nurse was pushing a cart through the halls. When she saw me coming in her direction. She ran the other way crying for help.

                  When I finally found the elevator and pressed the button I decided to slip through the door on my left onto the stairs because it was taking too long. I scrambled down the stairs. Rolling and tumbling, yet not feeling a bit of pain. I crashed through the door at the end and flung myself out onto the lobby’s smooth carpet.                     The woman at the front desk shrieked and scrambled for the phone pressing buttons as quickly as possible but she was too late. I ran out onto the grass and felt the sun on my skin. I scrambled through the parking lot dodging cars as fast as I could trying to reach the street so I could find my way around town to the forest where I could hide.
            I was flailing down the street wildly when a taxi cab hit me. I thought that I should give up then when I was laying down on the pavement, but then I realized I didn't feel any pain. I picked myself up and continued. 

                 A human would have felt pain. A human would have been hurt if a car had hit them. Was I not human? Why did I still have strength to push on? Why was I still running away when I should have been hurt?                    I pushed the thoughts away and kept running. It didn't matter right now. All that mattered was that I got away and that I would be safe.

            I chased my own shadow all the way to the forest. I hid myself in the cover of the trees and did nothing but breathe for that night. I don't know what would come next, but I knew for the moment I was safe. 

            I was safe from the humans. Yes, the humans. They are different now. I am not one of them, but different. I am of a different kind. I can't consider myself one of them now, or ever again.

            I could only remain in the trees and never come out. I could only find a way to survive and to keep myself from going back. 

            The humans would never find me. The humans I craved. The humans I longed to taste would never catch me.
I would only catch them first.


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