Pandering the Crowd
Author: marshalg

Chapter 45
Have You Noticed How the Music Screams?

Have you noticed how the music screams,
How children in the mall confront,
How anchormen are filled with glee
When TV news disaster's front?

Noticed how the colours fade
When iridescent seas are fouled
Or skies turn turgid grey from blue
And football crowds scream hatred loud?

And why is it that every time
An ethnic immigrant complains,
He points the finger square at us,
The fools, whose benefits he claims?

And Asiatic hatreds brew
Between the Indian brotherís, brown,
Over Kashmirís shaky border fight
And Pakistanís deep, angry frown.

Thereís trouble in the Middle East
Kalashnikovs shoot up the town,
Somebody soon, should tell those boys
When slugs go up, they must come down.

And what about the filthy beasts
Who scatter needles in the sand
To leave the fickle fall of dice
To innocents with tender hand?

Have you noticed how the wealthy keep
The good stuff for their selfish self?
The rest of WE are left to fight
Amongst ourselves for lowest shelf.

And how about Ghaddafiís end
So brutal at the sandy drain,
Where wild eyed Arabs shot him dead
And TV watchers, fat, complained?

And listen to the moaning Greeks
Whoíve clearly lived beyond their means,
Complain about austerity
And pauperize their Europeans.

And witness now the howling Yanks
Who stand to point recessionís claws
Directing blame at anyone,
But themselves, whom problems cause.

And finally an Arabesque,
Macabre in its grotesque call,
Of skeletal, Ethiopian forlorn
Whose starving end, ignored by all.

Thereís beauty in this bounteous world,
Thereís Godly, good, and quiet serene,
But just beneath the surface lies
The human filth, deserved, obscene.

Observing my world in turmoil.
Auckland N.Z.
22 October 2011

© 2011 Marshal Gebbie


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