Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 53
Look at me.


Against the moonlight that filtered through the trees, Irvine’s face had a subtle glow of calmness in it. He was smiling, a smile that seemed so carefree—like a child’s. A smile that only I had the chance to see.

            “You going to kill me here?” I said jokingly as I sat on our favourite place—a small patch of land that never seemed to change through the years—a hidden place at the back of the tall school fence, our self-owned hide-out. Our realm, through the trees.

            “In a lifetime, Xine.” He sat beside me, a bit of his warmth brushing on my skin as I felt his hand touch my cheek.

            “Yeah, maybe...” I answered ludicrously as I hugged my knees, suddenly feeling cold as Ethan’s face flashed at the back of my head. I was feeling the pain again...

            “He’s not home.” Irvine said all of a sudden.

            My eyebrows met at the middle. “Who—“

            He placed his index finger on top of my lips to stop me from talking. “I’m here.” He whispered to me. “Do you know? Do you know that I’m here, Alexine...?”

            Irvine’s face was so close to mine, and at that moment my mind was hazy—the rest of the world was spiralling into my view, and the coldness of the night was nothing compared to the warmth of his touch. “I—I know.” I murmured through his fingers. “I definitely know.”

            “Look at me,” He whispered again. “Look at me, Alexine. Just... This once.”


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