A Girl Named Her
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 1

Day 1

There she lays... On her bed. In her room. All alone. How she always feels: Alone. And on this night, for the first time since that day... She cried. Cried untill nothing mattered. Cried untill the pain went numb. Cried till her eyes closed and she drifted into a terrible nights sleep.

Day 2

As she sleep,s a thought crosses her dreas, which then turn into the nightmares that changed it all. Yes, she had thought of it before, but never liek this. And finally, she knew. She knew what she had to do.

Day 3

The end was near. So near her body knew it too. It knew what was comiong. Walking into schoolm it knew it may be the last day she would walk thought those halls. She didnt smile. Never looked up. Just waited for the last bell to ring.

Day 4

But, as the time draws nearer, she just cant bring erself to do it. She has every reason to, but she just can't. So it doesn't happen. This time anyway. She sits, in her room, all alone. And she cries. Cries untill she falls into another dreary sleep.

Day 5

Another night filled with pain and tears has finally ended. More thoughts of that dreaded word coarsing through her veins. Is the love she has fo the one she lost, the only thing keeping her here?

December 2009

*** If grammer isn't the best, I semi-apologize. I was 15. And just writing whatever popped into my head because i just needed to get the feelings out.

*** Also, you have chapter title ideas, let me know!! Thanks!


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