Pandering the Crowd
Author: marshalg

Chapter 44
We Just Lost the Human Race

(Quote by Spike Milligan)

One very wise man sat and said
That, long before this world is dead
This planetís problems wonít be solved
By reasoning which, though recently evolved,
Got us, where we now do sit,
Afloat neck deep in mankindís shit.

Thereís SARs, Ebola, AIDs, Bird flu
And in the woodwork, West Nile too,
Each replicating viral spat
To mutate, (at the drop of a hat),
To complicate enviroís stew
Of global degradationís brew.

Urban spread and over stocking
Nude deforestationís shocking,
Depletion of aquatic life
Intrinsically creating strife,
Industrial pollutionís goo
Ozone depletion... ALL FOR YOU!

Environmental degradation
Means the worldís a weaker place,
Susceptible to malady
Wide spread across the human race.
Those animals in corn fed stalls
Who never get to see the sun
Or graze green grass where honey bees
Are vanquished by varrohaís fun.

Too late to save the Hectorís dolphin
Conservationís lost itís tools,
Rastafarian hootchie smokers,
Save the whales to fuck the fools.
Governments sell the carbon credits
Everybody smells a rat
Restorations for the birds
And social conscience creamed the cat.

Weirdo greenies own the airwaves
No one gives a flying fuck
That good artesian waterís poisoned
By good farmerís leached out muck.
CO2 in global warming
Sings itís song of fast decline
Glacial retreat a-roaring
Bass relief in blood urine.

I guess the little childrenís future
Most depends on lady luck,
Humankind in mass denial
Most donít give a flying fuck!

In retreat to Taranakiís green haven in the gales of the equinox.
21 September 2011


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