Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 50
1 Year Old



“Mom! I can’t find it!” I yelled as I peeped through the hallway so mom can hear me in the living room.

“For pete’s sake Ethan! You’re a grown man! Use your eyes not your mouth! It’s in the blue box next to your dad’s velvet bound books!” I heard her say.

I shook my head and went back to searching for the papers that I needed for my application. I must admit that I haven’t taken much time to think of which college I would choose, I was so busy thinking about how I could get Jaycee off of Lexi. I guess I was a bit selfless lately, thinking of someone else’s life instead of mine. But this was Lexi, she wasn’t just a little sister who I needed to protect. She was my girlfriend.

I took out the said blue box and scrambled for the papers inside without sitting down, and all of a sudden my clumsiness kicked in that even some other box came crashing down on the floor when I bumped on it with my elbow.

I bent down and picked some of the papers up. “Lexi’s files, huh.” I laughed. I scanned through some of the papers; I saw her diplomas, kindergarten artworks, and even some of her baby pictures were attached to it.

Almost all of her photos are with mom... And... Dad? I looked at the back of the photos, looking for dates or the year when the photo was taken. But all I saw was Lexi’s age on that picture. “1 year old?” I murmured quizzically.

I dropped the photos for awhile, and for some reason I found myself searching for Lexi’s birth certificate, hoping that I’d find her dad’s name to not be the same as my dad’s.

Me and my dad moved in with Lexi’s mom when she was about 10, I don’t remember them knowing each other for more than 10 years.

I was with my dad since I was a kid, I grew up with no mother.

My dad and me, just me.

No mother, no Lexi.


But now these files are telling me that Lexi is also the daughter of my dad? And that she is my real sister--through flesh and blood?



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