To Russia
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 1
Wake Up Call

Aedin had never slept so well. His dreams went on and on, and explored wonderful feelings and tense scenarios. He was almost disappointed when the sound of voices stirred his consciousness. His eyes, heavy with the weight of joyous sleep, slowly pried themselves apart. What he saw confused and started him.
     “ Stay calm, Aedin” Said the familiar voice of his room mate from somewhere
     “ It'll be a few minutes. He's been out so long that his dreams will seek a way into the real world, if you will” Came another voice.
Aedin attempted a scream, yet no sound came out. Shadows climbed up the walls as his eyes finally gained focus. He was at least relieved to find that he was still in his Apartment. To his right was a man that he did not recognize. He wore a white medical mask and spoke with a thick Russian Accent. His eyes were brilliantly blue, and his head was covered with a vintage style Fedora. A few more men stood around the bed, and with them was Aedin's room mate, Alex.

“ It's okay, Aedin. We are going to help you” Alex spoke, slowly. Aedin squinted his eyes and shook his head. All at once he became aware of the long needle stuck into his veins
     “Don't struggle” The Russian man warned, noticing that Aedin had discovered the needle. Aedin screamed, and this time it was audible. He shook his body all about and madly attempted to escape the bed
      “Hold him down, damnit!” The Russian ordered, and Aedin was quickly restrained by the strong men.
      “Who are you?”Aedin gasped
      “None of your concern” The Russian said, finally emptying the syringe into his arm, and delicately drawing the needle out. “You can release him” He said, motioning to the others.
“What is going on?” Aedin asked, throwing off his blankets
     “Listen Aedin, I know you have a lot of questions. I would too. But we don't have a lot of time, and sadly, I'm not here for you anyway. Your friend, Alex, insisted that we wake you” He said, rising to his feet and signaling to the others, who all looked to be Russian. They moved simultaneously and exited the room, heading into the hall and towards the front door. “ You aren't supposed to wake up for another month” The Russian continued “ This won't make sense, but the world has gone to the dogs. Don't try looking for anyone, odds are, they are dead. The bombs have changed not only the landscape of this world, but also it's inhabitants. You want my advice? Get to Russia. I wish I could take you, but our plane is overly full as it is. I'm sorry. I didn't even want to wake you, but your friend Alex can be.... persuasive...”
      “Listen, I don't even know what's going on. What has happened? What is going on?”
     “Aedin”Alex cut in “There was a Nuclear war. China developed a super bomb. Think, what good is it to destroy a Nation? China wanted our resources. Not necessarily our lives. That's why they developed a sleeper bomb. Well, that's what we call it anyway”

“What does it do?” Aedin asked eagerly
“ It put all life to sleep. Imagine, human hibernation”Alex said “But it didn't quite work. For some of us, the luck ones like you and me, it worked. But not on everyone. A lot of people died in their sleep. And that's the least of it. Most of the bombs malfunctioned. Aedin, I know you don't know a lot about American history, being from Ireland, but when Nixon was president, he bluffed making a space laser capable of shooting down Nuclear and other types of bombs. He wasn't bluffing. The Space laser was made, and it shot down a lot of the bombs. But then the U.S. Responded. We fired Nuclear missiles at China, completely destroying it. That's when it turned to all out war. China's allies responded by firing upon us, our allies fired upon them, and Aedin, we destroyed eachother. The world is a wasteland now. Everywhere. Except for Russia. Do whatever you have to do, but you must get to Russia. I know you're wondering about your sister, and that's the best place you can hope to find her”
“We've got to go, Alex” The Russian said impatiently.
Alex nodded and looked back to Aedin.
“Good luck, friend. Get to Russia” He said before leaving the room. The Russian man lingered for a moment, looking down upon Aedin. 
      “You know you'll die here within a few days” He said. Aedin grunted and stood up, walking slowly towards his window, he drew back his blinds and let his eyes rest upon the pure destruction. An empty line of cars seemed to go on for miles. Skyscrapers had fallen, creating pure havoc. New York had been obliterated, with only a few buildings, such as Aedin's apartment, surviving. The sky was blackened, even though it was only noon. A light drizzle fell and splattered upon Aedin's window.
       “You'll die here within a few days” The Russian continued. “ Get dressed within five minutes, and i'll take you. Hurry the hell up”
Aedin turned and proceeded towards his dressing drawers. “What is your plan?” Aedin asked as he drew out Jeans and a plain shirt. The Russian seemed to chuckle at that “My plan? What does it matter what my plan is? You should take anything you can get” He chuckled again and continued “We're meeting a plan on the east coast. Near Salem. We might not live, probably won't. It was hell just getting here to pick up your friend. Didn't realize he would be taking his pet with him”
Aedin turned a hard eye upon the Russian “What is your name?”
“Artyom” The Russian replied, smiling”
“Artyom, I will find my sister. No matter what” And with that, he exited the room and proceeded to meet with the other men near the front door
“Good, good”Artyom cried as he left the room “Your sister is dead, my friend. But I don't care what you do. Crazy fucking Americans.”


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