Her name was Katie
Author: Auty

Chapter 22
Broken promise

Katie broke her promise. Two days later, she went into a coma. The doctors said her organs had shut down and her heart couldn't cope. They said it was almost certain she would die. School went like a blur, each day merging into each other as I was told the same news everyday I phoned the hospital.
"Katie's condition is stable but not looking promising, we are debating whether or not to turn off the life support machine. However we need her fathers agreement and he has yet to give that to us".
I couldn't believe they were even thinking such a thing. That would be giving up hope, basically saying she is going to die anyway, why not hurry things along? Mum comforted me everyday, saying that it wasn't my fault and I mustn't blame myself. But I felt so guilty that I hadn't said anything, who else could I blame?
Hannah and Danni avoided me at school, every so often giving me apologetic glances. I didn't really notice, all I could think about was Katie. Although I knew it was pretty certain she would never wake up from this coma, I still had a tiny glimmer of hope in the bottom of my stomach, that by some miracle she would get better.
The hope disappeared a week later when I got a phone call from the hospital that Katie's father had finally agreed to turn off the life support machine.
"But you can't!" I screamed down the phone, my heart pounding, "You'll kill her!"
"Summer, you have to take into account we have other patients that need to go on life support and the odds are stacked against Katie that she will never wake up from this coma. The machine is breathing for Katie, we can't keep it up forever. We are really sorry but the decision has been made and it will be switched off tomorrow".
After I'd hung up, I did something I had rarely done before. I prayed. I've never been a religious type of person and had only ever been to church once when I was a baby. But I was so desperate I didn't know what else to do. I closed my eyes and muttered under my breath,
"Dear God, if you are there then please listen. My friend Katie is in a coma. Tomorrow, the doctors are going to turn off her life support machine which means she'll die. She is the nicest person and it's so unfair to let her die. So please God, let her live. I'll do anything. Amen".


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