Darkorbit. An Oddessy
Author: Luke Ska Man Clay

Chapter 7
Indifference kills

The following is the personal log of Oliver Perry Current position Poseidon Mine Flumak Sector 1-3 March 16th 3228.

The guy talking to me was the oldest person here he must have been 17 maybe 18 his number was one and despite being in this horrific place his face bore a huge smile. I was huge room filled with cold hard metal bunks. Swarming with other people my own age like me each with their individual number on their suits miserably bumbling around seemingly half exhausted. There were two huge ladders at each end of the room and the mars logo in the centre of the room in a billboard emblazoned in the Blood red words. Work shall be rewarded. Disobedience will be punished severely. Needless to say i was terrified.

“Where am i?” I asked.

“Doesn’t matter really does it? All you need to know is you are here now and you need to make the best of it! I am number one. Pleased to meet you number 64” He cheerfully beamed.

“So what do i do now?”

“You have been assigned to monkey work that means for the next few weeks you will be changing the power cells in generator section! Work is 12 hours a shift with a half an hour break every 6 hours with 6 hours two sleep in between shifts!” He happily said.

“That means you will be working some night shifts and some day shifts but don’t worry! It’s not so bad here! Its hard work but if you do the work well then you will be rewarded” He continued dizzily!

“Proceed to sector 6 battery room 4. The guard on duty will show you what to do I’ve got to get back to work! See ya!” Number one then cheerfully skipped along!

I was stood speechless!
‘He’s a strange one’ I thought to myself.
I knew i needed to go somewhere so i went towards one of the ladders and clambered my way up it. The rungs were almost as high as i was it was indeed a trek. I asked a slave at the top where my work place was. He ignored me and went down the ladder glumly. I was stood in a huge corridor at the top of the hatch there was huge winding corridor with wires coating the insides of this place like intestines. I truly was in the belly of the beast.
I meekly wandered my way down the corridor.

I think i found my workplace entirely by accident or some might say luck. There was a burly guard stood holding a shock staff. He was stood in a wide open space with huge glowing walls either sides of him. Ladders led up and down the walls. At the back of the opening was a small crawl space perhaps only just big enough for me. Next to this was a hole surrounded by black and yellow stripes.

The guard beckoned me over I slowly approached out of fear. He never spoke but dragged me by the scruff of my collar over to a rack of blue glowing cylinders. He picked one up and lugged me over to the crawl space. There were many round discs on the walls with lights in the centres of them some with red lights some with blue. There was a red disc near the opening of the crawl space. He leant down and slammed his fist against it and it opened. He pulled out a cylinder this one has ceased glowing. He pushed the fresh still glowing cylinder into open hole. He then arose out and threw the dead one down the black and yellow surrounded hole. He then hauled me over to the rack again picked a blue cylinder and pointed to the crawl space. He then released me with a push which took me off my feet.

He then slammed the blue cylinder into my torso winding me then strode off and proceeded to block the door. I got up wiped a few stray tears and got into the crawl space and started replacing the cylinders. I worked for what seemed like the longest time. My knees and hands ached. I exited the cold space and there was some basic food on a metal plate waiting for me. I devoured it immediately. It was foul but i ate it anyway i hadn’t eaten yet for what seemed like decades.

This must be my half an hour break i thought to myself. I sat resting my aching bones. I sat eating. I almost felt free again as i thought of home. I knew that if i dwelt on these thoughts much longer they would eat me away so i cast them aside finished my food the spoon landing with a clatter. The guard turned around and strode over he picked the plate up and went back to the door. I got back to work.

Eventually all the cylinders were replaced. All blue lights. Short sharp pains coursed through my body. The guard was smacking the inside of the space with his staff. I knew this was my cue to exit. I left the place and made my way to the mess room. I found an empty bunk and immediately lay down. I saw the sign about rewards and punishments. I was going to do my work flawlessly so things would get better. I fell asleep immediately ignorant to the noise around me!


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