Darkorbit. An Oddessy
Author: Luke Ska Man Clay

Chapter 6
The Ends Jusitfy The Means

The following is the personal log of Commander Desmond July 14th 3228 Delmar 3-4 Border.

We were swooping in. We couldn’t believe what we saw. We pierced the clouds and there on the other side waiting for us were no less than 9 VRU battlecruisers. Our little plan had been infiltrated... Again! I never even knew the VRU were capable of this. We had had our little skirmishes before but we had never seen them en masse such as this. They must have known they were next in the crucible. The vru pack took off and started hurtling towards us at breakneck speed. The blade was all over the shop, his orders garbled and confusing. I took over the radio command.

” Attention all pilots! Listen to me! The VRU always attack in threes! There will be a leader of each three. Take out the leader and they will be easy pickings!”

The 6 of us made mincemeat of the mincemeat out of the vru ships. The fragments of ship cast flaming to the ground. Causing huge explosions as their magazines exploded. Their engines sent screaming in fury at the defeat. The only ship that had took any damage was the blade’s. He had lost pressurisation and atmosphere in his cargo bay.

We then concentrated on what we were here to do. It had never been spoken in words. I would have to land while the support crews aboard the blade’s ship did their job. I was going to the replacement cargo bay. The ground fire was easily dispatched as i set my steed down gently. My first officer sawbones came into the cockpit and sat with me. He was a quiet man. He never spoke due to a battle injury fighting alongside me a long time ago. He spent most of his time here on our ship.

We opened the cargo bay but were ordered to seal the rest of the ship down so no access to the cargo bay in or out could be done except for on my order. We waited and watched. We saw some survivors scurry into an old transport Nostromo and attempt to escape. The ship was instantly vaporised by the circling predators. I saw as the MMO shock troopers enter the buildings silently marching a crimson legion. They left with mainly sedated prisoners on stretchers. They threw the prisoners into a cage turned to the buildings and raised them to the ground.

I watched as cage after cage was loaded into my ship. It disgusted me. I wanted to help. I wanted to savage these people to lengths that no man can describe. But i had to remember. I had to stick with this to find our people. And the VRU settlers were not our people they were our enemies. I just needed to see where they were taken and maybe there was a chance of finding the missing colonists.

Eventually the base and mine had been gutted and left to burn. Anything valuable had been stripped every sentient being had been captured.
The signal was given for me to shut my cargo bay and head out. As we departed there was whooping and hollering over the radio. This was a major victory over the VRU. We cruised leisurely back to our portal. I looked about at the huge crimson Ms engraved on all the ships. For all intents and purposes i was with them. I had done just as much evil today. I was ashamed. Amidst the celebration only I and the blade were silent as we arrived in 1-1 sector.

The blade ordered me to land at process centre 64. I stepped out of my ship under a cold sun on the sand swept desert. I looked around and the blade was walking over to me. His face was expressionless. He spoke gruffly almost in a whisper

“I don’t know where you got that tactical knowledge boy but it was flawless.”
I was about to speak when i was grabbed and thrown against my ship. The blade held me against my ship about a foot off the ground. He was the same size as me but i was clean off the floor. I could see the sheer rage in his face.
He spoke almost calmly.

“But if you ever speak over my orders again boy, you will find yourself having an accident am i clear?”

“Crystal” I responded.
He beckoned to follow and strode off so I silently trailed behind.


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