Darkorbit. An Oddessy
Author: Luke Ska Man Clay

Chapter 5
Fate is a cruel mistress

The following is the personal log of Oliver Perry current position Mars central, Prisoner process centre 64 Gamma.

I was lead off across the sand buffeted courtyard to one of the tall skyscrapers. I was taken around the building to a pair of large metal doors surrounded by guards and barbed wire. The sign read ‘Auction centre’. I entered the building and walked into a corridor with the distinct odour of misery. Rows of cages were lined up left right and centre. I was lead up to a cage. It seemed smaller than my previous one but maybe it was me.

I was kicked inside followed by a dark chuckle from the armoured goon. I must have only been there for 10 minutes at the most but to me i could have been there for weeks. Cold frightened alone while there was so much pain around me. Eventually an armoured demon arrived to take me to my fate. I was lead to a huge room. Its size was such that i couldn’t see the back. The lights were blinding my eyes as i was led onto a huge stage. The steps felt bigger than i was. I was led up to the stage. As i aforementioned i was a very meek and shy child and as my eyes adjusted i realised was stood upon a sea of blood. Suits as far as the eye could see. A microphone boomed.

“Ophelia Lot number 64! Male Caucasian aged 12 small build perfect for monkey work starting bid 1200 credits!” The room silent and watching sat there all eyes on me. I felt exposed like i was going to die. I was sweating a lot and i felt faint. Only one paddle went up in the crowd. The auctioneer screamed for other bids but none went out. I felt like the most worthless of the worthless. I felt as if i was bottom of a vicious food chain.

At that point as i saw a tall man approaching the stage hand a wad of notes to the auctioneer. Afterwards i was led away to another room and i was grabbed by a man in a white coat. He then injected me with something that i assume must have put me to sleep.

I could remember nothing after that until i was on the colony. My clothes had changed and i was wearing a red boiler suit now with 64 embroiled on it. I was lying on an uncomfortable bunk. I was surrounded by many other slaves wearing different numbers. A slave with number 29 walked over and stuck his hand out to me.

“ready for work?”


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