Darkorbit. An Oddessy
Author: Luke Ska Man Clay

Chapter 4
Morally Grey

The following is the personal log of Commander Desmond, Current position: Mars central Station Orbiting Mars sector 1-1. July 14 3228.

I looked into the blades eyes. He wasn’t a big man like the stories said. He was smaller than I was by almost a foot but you could see the ferocity in his eyes, they seemed to pierce your mind I was afraid he could see into my head and the plan would unfold right there. His demeanour seemed to match this place, cold heartless and encased in stinking crimson. He spoke with power his voice shaking my chest like a bark.

“Nice job. Who are you? I don’t know ya!” I responded that my name was Captain Ben, a name that I had conjured up in my mission briefing. He shrugged turned and walked on. I knew that I was to follow him despite his lack of orders. Despite his short stature I had trouble keeping up with his sweeping stride as he marched to the turbo lift. I got in the lift. I knew this man was dangerous the atmosphere was palpable. We must have been there for 2 minutes at the most although it felt like years trapped with an animal in a box coated in my blood and the blood of my comrades.

The doors opened and he rocketed out. The blade was known as a ruthless captain and commander and had scored many kills and he seemed to be showing me respect. The respect felt hollow to me due to the setup but I pretended it was real besides I needed it to be real for the plan. We arrived briskly at a huge room. This was the only room I had seen in this place that was not bright red. Instead it was coated in thousands of screens and in the centre of the room stood a large holoprojector. Around the projector stood the MMO envoy.

All of the senior generals that were commanding the corporate fists of mars and some of the mars ship commanders. I could have made a name for myself right there by shooting them all dead. I could have ended the MMO just by drawing my pistol. But that was not my mission. The projector was projecting battle plans into the space above it. These simulations were unbelievable! We had not seen such tactical planning. Perhaps this was one of the reasons behind their ruthless tactics? The head dignitary spoke.

“This is a new pilot in our midst, Blade his name?”

“Commander Ben” the blade dully muttered.

“Congratulations on your victory son I hope you show the enemy the fury of our corporation for years to come!” After the congratulation the lead general explained the battle plans. He was a scarred man. There must have been something about him because in his presence the blade fell into silent respectful submission. We did not know the identity of many of the MMO generals because they were so clandestine in their movements and operations. I never even knew their names.

I listened closely to the battle plans. It seemed the MMO were done with the EIC for the time being. They were going to begin their campaign into the VRU territory. My ship the alloy lantern was going to be supporting the rest of the pilots stood around the table. There were 5 others stood there. I only recognised one. He me and him had some history from a long back when I worked for the VRU. I was hoping this wouldn't stir up bad blood going a long way back! I was hoping he wouldn’t recognise me. He stared daggers over towards me. He knew who I was but said nothing.

The plans told us we would be hitting a prometium mining facility. It was on Delmar in the 3-4 sector near the border. The planet was a small income for VRU. No significance no strategic advantage. No reasons were given for the attack at the briefing. The blade would be leading the attack on the planet. The dignitary knew that the blade knew what his job was. All my orders contained were support the attack party which meant to keep a height of 2000 feet above the target pick off stragglers and engage any ground hostiles. This whole operation was wrong. This made no sense. 7 Fully armed goliaths to a nowhere planet? This was overkill to the extreme. I knew that something other than a simple raid was happening on these planets and I was about to find out. I left the room after the blade.

“We ride on the siren!” he bellowed. I went down to the crimson hangar deck. I armed the ship up and prepared her for battle. Charged the batteries, polished the generators and oiled the interchangers.

The siren went out. A battle cry that could make the hardest of men shudder. It chilled me to the depths of my soul. The sleek birds of prey left the station at full chat. All the lesser ships swiftly drifted out of the way in fearful respect. I knew that whatever was about to go down was going to be bad. Sawbones first hand and ship medic agrees with me. After a long journey of powering through space we arrived above a light green planet. Bathed in a perpetual green twilight it sat like a rat in a trap. The fleet descended like a pack of hawks. We were going in. I knew this was going to be an atrocity. But i had to remember. They weren't my people. Unless I did this job i would never find The missing settlers. As we hurtles i closed my eyes for i feared what lay ahead.


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