Darkorbit. An Oddessy
Author: Luke Ska Man Clay

Chapter 3
The caged bird does not sing

The following is the personal log of Oliver Perry current position Mars central, Prisoner process centre 64 Gamma. March 14th 3228.

I remember awaking with the most ferocious headache imaginable. This place was cold metal and filled with the musk of anguish and pain. There were cries and screams from all corners. I was crammed into a small spot. It hurt. I opened my eyes but they refused to work and my vision was blurred. I looked around seeing nothing but black lines in a murky gloom. My vision came round. I was in a cage. And on top of my cage there was another with another small prisoner within and another to my left and to my right. I was surrounded by prisoners screams for help and shouts for home.

Uncontrollable fear washed over me. I would rather have been killed right there on Ophelia than see this. I felt alone. I was never big. I was a small meek child. I did as I was told, I never swore, never spoke back to my dad, I never got into trouble. I wanted to be a good kid it wasn’t in me to cause strife to anyone. I had never harmed a hair on anyone head in my life and somehow I had wound up here in a cage alone and frightened.

Eventually the dark gloom was lit by what seemed to be a blinding light and the cries for help fell silent. A Man stepped in. He was a short man, draped in ruby armour emblazoned with the red M. The very same I had seen upon that mighty bird of prey that had taken my home away! He stood and surveyed the silent agony around him. He smirked then sniffed to his displeasure. A sharp noise was heard. A boy had gone up to him on his cage rattling hit.

“Let me out!” The noise echoed around the silent room. His defiance seemed to have made time stand still. The man turned and looked. He stared as the kid continued to shake the cage. He swung his shock staff around from his back in such a graceful manner it seemed to become a part of the man himself. The rod glowed blue and it was smashed against the cage. The kid jumped back in horror and along with the rest of the room fell to silent submission. He swung his staff back upon his armour spun around and barked numbers and orders to more men in armour. Quiet whimpering as heard as the men began to empty the room of cages.

I was on the ground floor towards the back of the room and I had the pleasure of watching innocent people dragged away by these men in armour. I was taken out into the blinding open. A man in armour opened my cage and I was let out. I stumbled out. My muscles ached and I was ordered to walk by a man threatening me with his staff as I was. I marched along a sand blasted courtyard over to a desk. I looked around above me ships of classed I had not even seen were flying overhead. I was surrounded by towering buildings and behind me was the very same goliath that had wiped my home from existence. I had emerged from the belly of the beast. For a second I felt almost joy that I had ridden on such a vessel as I had only read about them in the databanks.

I reached the desk there was and there sat man in a red suit. He assigned me a number. The number was 64. He told me to place my hand on the cold metal table before me and I did. I was stamped with a red hot iron. I jolted my hand back with a yelp. The armoured man administered a quick poke with his shock staff. I whimpered and walked forward. The man in the suit spoke.

“You are no longer known under your given name. You will be designated number 64 and you are now the property of the Mars Mining Operation under code 64c of the new MMO manifesto, you will now receive your collar” The armoured man held my arms and the collar was placed around my neck. It was tight and it hurt. The man spoke again “you will now proceed to the auction room where you will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, Have a nice life slave!” He smirked as I was led off. I wanted to cry but I held back. If I was going to survive this I needed to stay strong. I needed to behave how my father had died and not how I survived. I was property now and I was business nothing more. I shuddered at what lay ahead and prepared for the worst.


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