Darkorbit. An Oddessy
Author: Luke Ska Man Clay

Chapter 1
The Day Of Reckoning

Earth Colony Ophelia located in sector 2-4, Terraforming process continuing on the southern hemisphere. Northern hemisphere stable climate, Temperature 34’C several terbium mines and refineries in operation.

The following is from personal log of Oliver Perry, Earth Date Monday March 12th 3228 location control tower alpha spaceport Edwards, Ophelia.

. This was the hardest day of my life. I rarely saw my father’s work. I was buried there on that chair surrounded by screens. It seemed just letters and numbers to me. I had learned to use a similar console in my lesson Sims and none of those were as advanced as this. I had my test in operating coming up. It would decide whether I would get admitted to the academy back on earth. I was terrified.

I looked at a screen what I noticed on the top right screen which by position I knew to be the deep space scanners. As I watched I saw 7 red dots flash up. I opened my mouth “Dad...” Sirens lit up. I remember being grabbed so hard in the chest that I was winded. For a second I thought I was in trouble and I had damaged the equipment. My father had always been rough with me when I came to discipline. Then I heard over the loudspeaker. “Hostile incoming”. I was taken down 5 flights of stairs by the scruff of my collar. I was hurled into one of the shelters with some other children. Mr Father shut the door.

“Do not come out”. Those words were said almost silently. They washed across me with a shiver. This was the first time I knew I was in danger. The door closed. As it did I felt myself welling up. I couldn't explain why. I was terrified by what was coming on the other side of that door. Now that I think back to those days I am disgusted that my feelings were not with my father out there. My concerns were for my own safety. I waded through a crowd of children. I felt immune to their cries. They fell silent on my ears. I knew the best thing I could do at this moment was to approach the control console. I activated the loudspeaker and said into it. Please can everyone go to the living quarters downstairs. They all moved down the stairs. This console I could use. It was the same as in the training Sims. I put on headset. I activated the view screens and I saw the spaceport.

This was a low priority planet and what I saw was extensive military action. This planet was only funded for basic defence against the aliens operating in the sector. Saimons were the main enemy. The planet was equipped with tactically placed mp1 cannons and 3100 launchers. Sure we had ships for defence. We had been given 7 Defcom fighters and an atrociously old 2nd rate Big Boy Battlecruiser. We called her the BORGNINE. Nobody knew why we called her that that’s just what we always called her. She had not been fired up since I was 8 years old. We use her mainly for training and for storing some spare equipment. I watched on the view screen as she choked herself back to life. She brought her guns to bear on something. I swivelled the camera and saw the definition of pure power. The planet was being bombarded by huge rockets and solid beams of green and white light. And amidst this chaos I saw the menacing outline of a goliath K2 battlecruiser.

I had never seen one in the flesh. Its lines were deadly. It was sat there staring at me. I noticed that our ground weapons were not firing. Control tower A had been destroyed. That’s where my father was stationed at the time. I took primary control. I looked up and I saw the BORGNINE swivel. She unleashed all the fury she could. The goliath shook and shrugged it off. Its powerful biceps flexed. She threw a titanic punch at the BORGNINE. The BORGNINE was wounded she cried as she fell. Her turbines whined as she fell backwards onto the ground and landed upright in the soft sands. I could not believe what I was seeing. I had a genuine affection for her. She may have been an old clanking girl but to me she had the power to grease any race or planet in the universe, truly a heroine. I winced and decided I needed to act. I lashed out with what I could. I was spitting my hatred. The goliath twisted and turned. She shot at the relays. Before my screens went dead, I saw an emblem adorned on the pylons, a red M.

I lost control of the weapons but still had cameras for now. I saw our fighters run. They never even attempted to engage the enemies.

“Cowards” I spat at the screen. I never understood that digression was better part of valour and that he who fights and runs away live to fight another day. I saw multiple goliaths land nearby. As I watched I felt myself trembling. They opened up to reveal another terror. Men emerged from the ships. These men were huge. Clad head to foot in crimson armour. They carried weapons that matched their own size. As they stepped I hid. I then found my ears again. I could hear screams. The bombardment had stopped. The screams however muffled by 12 inches of re-enforced Endurium echoed in my head. I heard pops. Then silence. I then broke down and sat on my knees and wept. I was 12 way in over my head and large numbers of very heavily armed men were on their way to kill me. I don’t know what was louder the footsteps coming towards me or the clang of weapons fire on the door. I never hid. I knelt there crying as I knew everything and everyone I knew and loved was gone and things would never be the same again. As they entered I remember an instrument being forced into my chest, Pain, and then nothing.


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