Her name was Katie
Author: Auty

Chapter 16

I try to back off Katie for the rest of the week, but it's so hard just to step back and watch her do the damage she is doing to herself. Because I'm worrying so much about Katie, I have forgotten to eat myself the last few days. Although it feels horrible feeling hungry all the time, I kind of like the control it's giving me. No, I think to myself shaking my head, I can't become like Katie. I'm meant to be helping her, not copying her. So I stuff a ham sandwich down my throat and a few handfuls of crisps. It doesn't make me feel any better but at least it stops the groaning and rumbling. At lunch, Katie rushes off to her aerobic class while I sit on my own in the hall like billy no mates. Afterwards, I peek in on the aerobic session and see Katie huddled in her tracksuit looking like a ghost. The other girls don't seem to notice her and carry on with their exercises. Even the PE teacher doesn't seem to be watching her. Only I know what is going through Katie's mind. Only I know how much danger she is in.
On her way out from the gym, Katie looks whiter than ever. When she see's me, she's about to turn off in the other direction when she suddenly stops and clutches hold of me.
"Katie, what's the matter?" I ask panicking.
"Everything's spinning", she mumbles.
"It's ok", I say trying not to panic. I look around the PE department for somewhere for her to sit down and spot a chair outside the boys changing rooms. I quickly walk her over to it and sit her down, making her hold her head between her knees.
After a minute or two, she brings her head back up.
"It's stopped", she says then leans back in the chair.
"Katie, you nearly fainted because your body isn't get enough food".
"Don't be dramatic", she mutters, "It happens all the time".
"But it shouldn't!" I exclaim. I can't believe how Katie can possibly think this is normal!
"I'm fine now", she says standing up and the clutching at the wall.
"See", I say, "You still feel dizzy".
"No, honestly I've just got a bit of a headache. I'm fine, I promise".


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