Her name was Katie
Author: Auty

Chapter 11
Keeping the promise

I'm still shaking as I make my way back to class. I can't believe it. Although everything pointed to an eating disorder, I didn't want to believe it. But here it was, the truth, the undeniable truth of Katie's life and health. She had said she would try, but God knows how many people she has probably said that to when they have found out. I can't believe her Dad thinks she is doing it for attention or 'a phase'. Surely he can see what she looks like? She didn't mention her Mum which either makes me think she isn't around or simply isn't close to her. Either one, I feel for Katie. I don't know what I'd do without my Mum. Since my Dad left, 3 years ago, it's just been Mum and me. Sometimes we argue but most of the time we are closer than ever. I know if I stopped eating or suddenly lost loads of weight, she'd take it seriously and certainly wouldn't think it was an act of attention. I sigh as I sit down in Geography, wondering what on earth I can do. No pun intended. I stare out of the window at the green fields and blue sky, my mind wondering off into the distance.
"Summer Howard?"
I snap awake at Mr Ford staring at me. I look around helplessly at Hannah who mouths something to me which I can't make out.
"No don't ask Hannah the answer Summer. Come on".
"What's the question?" I ask feebly.
"Ah, so you weren't listening. Daydreaming about TV and Facebook and not listening to my interesting and factual Geography lesson".
I smile at the irony of the least important things he mentioned. If only that was all I had to think about.
He mistakes my smile for insolence and tells me what a rude and disrespectful girl I am. I feel like screaming at him, "Shut up! I have just found out a girl is starving herself to death and throwing up any food she does eat which her Dad thinks is all done for attention and she made me promise not to tell",but of course I keep my mouth shut.
After all, I made a promise and I don't break my promises.


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