Her name was Katie
Author: Auty

Chapter 9

Over the weekend, I can't stop thinking about Katie. It has almost became a weird obsession. I wonder what she's doing right now, is she exercising? Making herself sick? Weighing herself... No, I try to shake those thoughts out of my head. I just want her to try and let me help but she keeps pushing me away. How can I help someone if she doesn't want to help herself. I remembered to glance at the register at Friday's afternoon registration to find out Katie's last name. I slowly type 'Katie Jenkins' into Facebook's search engine. 43 results come up and I slowly scroll down the screen, trying to find a picture that looks like her. Then I see a small picture of a blonde girl sitting on the floor, laughing. I click on it and a profile comes up. I strain my eyes at the profile picture, wondering how this happy, pretty, healthy girl can possibly be the jumpy, thin, unhappy, ill girl who I have come to know. I look closely at the face and realize it is Katie, they both have the same eyes. Her profile is private unless I add her as a friend which I decide against. I don't want her thinking I'm stalking her or something. I look down at the bottom of the page and see she was last on 5 months ago. Was that when the photo taken then? If it was, then what a difference in just 5 months. It shows she has just 65 friends, not many considering she has been to two secondary schools. Mine has just gone up to 600 and I've only been on Facebook just short of a year. I can understand people not trying to make friends with her, after all, she makes it pretty much impossible for someone to get to know her. She blocks you out, almost like a wall. It's like she doesn't care about anyone and just wants to be left alone in her own little world. The girl staring back at me on the screen is now completely different from the Katie I know. She has changed, and not for the better.


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