the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 32
song of sorrow

song of sorrow (to be sung to a sad tune)


stand and look into the skies
dark and sadness found
but as i wonder where am i
i hear the sorrowful sound
the birds don't chirp i see my tears
falleth to the ground
and as i pick my weary fears
all around me surround
i sing of brighter days ahead
but sadness, sooth and sorrow
hold me in the chains of dead
and i don't want tomorrow
i have heard what cometh forth
into the dask the next day
and i cannot accept the fact
that soon i will suffer this way
i feel the weary drowning
in burdens and silent songs
i cry for all to be a dream
but theres too many wrongs
i hold onto the stature
that never failed before
and deep inside the heavy heart
i can't sing anymore
and then i wonder where i'd go
why such simple sorrow
had torn my heart my carelessness
had brought me where the river doth flow
and sing along my sadness song
no one else could hear
the sorrow of my weary voice
the tire of my ear
so sing and hit the highest note
hear my long distress
why so sad upon the little things
when all i need is real rest
i fall to my crippled knees
and dig my hands in mud
to see them scarred and dirtied
and flow as scratches blood
this sadness really goes on
who could stop its form
but why a child of sorrow
and maggots and of worms
i hold the precious moments
but who embraces sadness
i long to end this red routine
and change it all to gladness
but melancholy has sunk in
and im about to be
the only one in this world
that will never be free
the chains are heavy pulling back
and i cant break away
i wish to start this life again
and end this very day
the clouds of thunder
storms of rain
what descriptive pain
yet where would you find such a child
who weeps for the world
where would you find such a man
a broken hearted girl
now i know that sadness
gives me many words
to write to scatter on the breath
of pages filled with dirt
now i know i cant sing joy
but every sound in minor
this song of weary dying souls
the cold of gone fire
the steps are hard and heavy
the burden blue and black
but whats this crazy world in
i know its all a fact
so sing my song of sadness
no one can match my sorrow
no one but the one that
gave me a new tomorrow


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